How to Open Jars Easily // Tip Tuesdays with Angel Wong

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hi it's angel welcome to another tip

Tuesday where every week I showed you

some of my favorite home and kitchen

tips now this week is the week before

Mother's Day weekend so I wanted to

dedicate this week's tip to my

grandmother who has a little bit of

arthritis in her wrist and she's always

asking my grandmother to help her open

jars and cans but with this week's tip

her and you guys will be able to open

jars and cans with ease and without

asking a guy so here we go to get

started I have a couple different jars


the first jar that I have is one with a

safety button and this is one of those

jars where the lid pops up when the seal

is broken and the jar that I have right

now is completely sealed so I haven't

opened it yet but the best way to open

this type of jar is with the butter

knife now use a butter knife and not one

with a sharp blade because you don't

want to damage those knives but

basically you take the butter knife and

place it right underneath the jar lid

pull it up a bit and you should hear the

pop that's when the seal is broken

making it so much easier to open your


the next type of jar that I have here is

the peanut butter or almond butter jar

and there's nothing special about this

lid it's just made out of plastic it's

just kind of hard to open and since we

can't use our butter knife we do need a

little bit extra grip on it I am going

to use some rubber bands now if you have

a thick rubber band you can use that but

if you have spinner rubber bands you can

just double them up so I'm just going to

take the rubber band and place it over

the lid and around the lid giving me

some extra grip to open the jar see easy


if you have something else like let's

say I've got a vanilla extract jar and

the jar lid is a lot smaller so this

actually happened to me a couple of days

ago I was trying to bake and use some

vanilla extract

because vanilla extract is a little bit

sticky I think they got underneath the

lid making it super sticky and hard to

open so it basically took one rubber

band and put it around the jar lid again

but this time doubling it up

giving the extra grip and fitting

perfectly around the lid and now well

look so much easier and it smells good

so that is how you open jars with ease

using rubber bands and the better knife

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's

kitchen tip if you want some ideas for

Mother's Day gift giving

check out my 5 Mother's Day gift giving

ideas and favorites on my blog I'll post

a link to that and I will see you guys

next time

have a good Mother's Day bye