Toyota Camry-Keys Locked In Trunk-The Hack That Gets You In!

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hi this is kurt with roadside guy we're

gonna show you real quick how to get the

keys out of your toyota camry when you

lock your keys in the trunk now you see

we've unlocked the vehicle for the

customer we've gotten inside the vehicle

but the alarm will not allow the trunk

to open up so I'm gonna spend the camera

around I'll show you guys how to get

your keys out of the trunk of the car

when you lock your keys in okay so this

is a 2018 Toyota Camry okay so if you

come over to the driver's side door and

open it up and the door jamb you'll find

this little black piece of plastic here

just kind of pull back on that and get

that off of there and underneath there

you'll find a Torx head bit like see

what size I'm using 27 and we're gonna

just take that off if you look you'll

see there's little black tabs here

underneath the screw there and on top of

the screw that's to hold the screw in so

it doesn't drop to the bottom of the

door it's kind of let it stay there

always scares me like it's gonna fall

and then you'll open up the driver's

side door like so or you'll open the

handle at least and then you'll take

this key cylinder here

a little slide this key cylinder out

okay so you'll open the door and you'll

slide this key cylinder out like so

not the best camera angles but it'll

work and basically you gotta gotta get

this key cylinder to come out and on

these Toyota Camrys that's really


remember the way that you get it out

also because that's the same way it's

gonna have to go okay sorry about that

guys so my video cut off I ran out of

storage halfway through this but what I

was talking about when the video cut off

is you got a you got to kind of finagle

this lock out behind this door handle

here right like that and the same way

that it comes out you got to remember

that's the same way it's gonna have to

go in and I'll show you all that here in

a minute so you're gonna hold it and

you're gonna pull this out so you see

here I've got the key lock cylinder okay

so the key lock cylinder has a end on it

like so and back behind here which we

really cannot see inside because I don't

have the best light about right there

down in the door should be a flat head

looking thing let me turn this off for a

second turn my flashlight on okay I went

got my flashlight for you guys see if I

can get a view of this I doubt it I mean

it's such a tight little hole in there

that I really can't get anything besides

an eyeball in there yeah there we go

so see that off-white looking thing in

the back has a Phillips head shape to it

okay that's what this piece fits into

and that's what locks and unlocks your

door when you turn your key so what you

want to do is get a big flat-head


yes okay so big flathead screwdriver

like that right we're gonna take this

big flat head screwdriver and we're

gonna stick it straight into this

cylinder and we're gonna lock it and

unlock it just like as if it was a key

like he did the old-school hot rods when

you would pull out the key cylinder on

the trunk and use a flathead screwdriver

to lock and unlock it that's what we're

gonna do okay and so now we're gonna hit

the trunk release button and we're gonna

see I'll have you go ahead and do it for

the dramatic effect ah yes we've gotten

into the trunk so you're very welcome

so yay you're welcome

all right you guys so hope you enjoyed

the video we're gonna go ahead and start

putting everything back to order now see

it is kind of hard to put back together

so maybe I should shoot a little bit

more video on that because I don't leave

you guys hanging sake we're going to


this and reposition it back to where it


so that way when this goes back in it'll

be lined up and getting this back in and

then getting it into position is the

hardest part of this job you've got to

get it to go back in which is definitely

not easy but basically you're gonna go

up it's gonna pivot you're gonna kind of

get it behind this handle here and then

you're going to start doing a rotation

of turning it to getting it into


the really hard part is you got to get

that that rod to line up in there as

well and it doesn't always want to work

where yeah

do you have the key where I could stick

it in and turn the cylinder thank you

okay so it's it's in you guys it's

pretty much in but you can see it's

sticking out a little bit and so what

you want to do is just kind of wiggle it

and hope that it falls into position

because it may be close you don't want

to move it off but if not you want to

have the key ready


to turn that cylinder if you have to

we're gonna stick this in and we're

gonna turn it and apply pressure just a

little bit of pressure and you'll see

that it has fallen back into place now

so now that it's falling back into place

and it's completely seated we're going

to come back over to our bolt that holds

that key cylinder in and we're going to

tighten that back up just like this

now you can see it's not grabbing the

thread so I'm gonna have to grab that

key and kind of move the cylinder around

until I can find that groove there we go

okay so now that we've got it snug we're

just gonna get it a little bit tight one

little turn you don't want to break this

and then a little black plastic piece

will go right back in like so you can

pull the key out and I want to show you

guys that everything on this car will

work perfectly as it did before you see

the door opens and closes you can see

that there's no damage to the door here

and then also if you can demonstrate

locking it with the key fob so now it's

locked I can't open the door

and then she's gonna unlock it and now

it's unlocked

so you see there's no damage to the door

whatsoever all right you guys so that's

our YouTube video on how to unlock your

trunk on your 2018 or newer Camry some

of the older cameras do this as well not

all of them but that's the way to get in

them so hope it helped you out don't

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