How To Replace 2015 Mustang Key Fob Battery

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hey guys welcome to my channel alright

in this video I am going to show you how

to change your wireless key battery this

wirelessly is the 2015 Mustangs I think

it's also similar similar to the 2016

and 2017 let's get into you how to open

this I also noticed this button right

here so pretty much just push it down

and that should open like a clamp as you

can see at the bottom part and you just

lift that up and put it aside and inside

you will notice probably this is your

glove compartment key key for this

purpose of video we're just gonna put it

aside at the moment and you want to open

another layer which is this top layer

right here if you notice there is a gap

like around right here just it's a

snap-on so you want to get a penny or a

nickel so you just kind of put it

between the gap as you can see it's

should fit bit in the gap right here and

you use it as a leverage if you should

hit that noise I'm in here but that's

just pop right there

see that but I should just pop that it's

inside your key and the batteries

actually arrived below it so you just

want to put that down just pushing down

and that's where the battery is so and

this point is press report you want to

take the battery out using the cr2025

this is the 2025 so you want to open

this one


first one is

sign 2025 s visa


go over the paper go the second one this

time stick

and this time the 2025 sign is face

at this point just put it up why display

the batteries just put it to hide you

find it you see the two edges right here

the tip corner it should snap it and you

want to want to do this gently but I

guess it's harder with the camera in

front of me


that it's not hip that's back with

your glove compartment get back



it worked all right hi guys

thank you for watching my video please

don't forget to like and share the video

as always thank you for watching see ya