How To Install 2 Whatsapp On Same Android Phone

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of all welcome everybody in this short

video tutorial I'm going to show you how

to install two whatsapp accounts on a

single Android phone so for this

procedure you need it to have two active

mobile connections an Android phone you

can have a dual SIM 4 or you can have

the two single sim phones also for this

tutorial just the first step is just go

to your whatsapp and from the right-hand

side go to the settings and click on

chat settings and click on backup chats

so this will create a backup copy of all

your messages so once this is done go to

the settings of your phone and inside

setting go to apps and find your

whatsapp and here click on clear data

and click on OK and minimize this now go

to the file explorer and go to your

android sorry the whatsapp folder which

is present in the root directory so that

your wall strip whatsapp folder just go

to the options and rename this folder as

OG whatsapp both in caps and click on OK

now again go to settings apps and

whatsapp and uninstall this Watsa

so once this install uninstall is

complete and I will play with the link

in the description of the video to

download and apk known as oh gee

whatsapp I have already downloaded it I

will place this link in the description

here its GW the og whatsapp click on

Odie whatsapp and install it if your

mobile is not able to install the apk

file you need to go to developer options

and check the unknown sources


so once the OG Watts have installed

click on launch accept and continue and

write the a enter the mobile number

which you were previously using for the

whatsapp which is installed click on OK

just click on restore to restore the

previously backed up file or their

messages and click on continue click

Next click continue so this is your

first whatsapp installed you can find

the og wats have installed you'll find 2

different icons here now what you need

to do is for the second account you need

to go to play store and download the

official whatsapp

just install this now once the

installation is complete just open the

official whatsapp agree the contagion

continue and enter your second number

now just enter your second number now

please make sure that you have this

number activated inside your phone if

you're using a dual SIM phone it will

automatically detect the incoming

message and it will verify if you are

not using this dual SIM form if you're

using this number on a different phone

you'll get a verification code on that

number and you need to enter the

verification code here so let's wait for

this time to expire because whatsapp

will verify it internally for five

minutes and if it's not possible it will

send a verification code let's wait for

some time till the time expires now once

your verification fails if you don't

have the same inside your phone after

the time expires just click on this call

me and you'll get a call on your

different number and interpret

verification code here


so once you enter your verification code

it will proceed to the next step just

click on next

wait until the your application is

initialized so once I will

initialization is complete click on

continue and this your second whatsapp

account so here you can see we have two

different whatsapp two icons for og

watch seven one for whatsapp so you can

open check check this it is the first

account and that's the second account I

hope this has been informative for you

and I'd like to thank you for viewing if

you liked the video please give it a

thumbs up if you are having any query

relating this video please feel free to

comment on the video once again thanks

for watching