How to open and view 2 Excel workbooks at the same time

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hey guys welcome back I've got a quite

useful video to show you today and which

if you use Microsoft Excel in your

business or personal lives

I'm sure you've come into this issue

before though what I'm going to show you

is how you can open two spreadsheets

side-by-side so many times in my

business and personal life I need to

work off two documents at the same time

now if you do this the normal way what

people normally do is they simply just

go ahead and double-click the Excel

document that they want to view

so I'd say I want to use this document

and I want to keep this document open

but also have another Excel spreadsheet

next to it if I just simply go ahead and

click the one I want to view it opens it

over the documents I want to see that's

no good for what we need to do sort of

do this to open this separately what you

need to do is go into an open Excel from

your Start menu once you've done that

Excel will boot up separately okay now

all you need to do from this point is

hit open and then navigate to the

document that you want to open so let's

say I like this one once I've opened

there it opens both documents side by

side I can work on these at the same

time which isn't possible if you do this

any other way like I said I'm not sure

many people know how to do this it's

very useful so yeah hope this has helped

and we'll see you again thank you