Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus: How to Use Split Screen View (Multi Window)

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hey what's going on guys so you have a

Samsung Galaxy S 10 or S 10 plus and you

want to know how to use the split screen

feature the split screen feature is

basically if you want to multitask if

you want to use one part of the screen

to watch a YouTube video and the other

part of the screen you want to do

shopping or check your emails or

whatever anyways look on the bottom left

hand side the three vertical lines here

go ahead and tap on that and these are

all the apps I currently have open okay

so you do have to have it open so you

can see I have my email app open my

YouTube app and you see on the top here

the icon okay so here's a Amazon website

here and I see that browser on there so

basically what I do is like I can tap

these okay see that icon there I can go

to my YouTube icon I can tap right there

so I'm gonna go ahead and start off with

the Amazon site here so I'll go ahead

and tap on that icon and then right here

you'll see open in split screen view so

I'll tap on that now this Amazon it's

going to be on the top part of my phone

now I got to do is pick something else

that I want to watch or read or whatnot

I'll go ahead and pick this YouTube

video so I go ahead and tap on that and

let me skip this trial and I'll play

this video right here and you can hear

the volume and everything of course as

well let me go ahead of all you alright

let me lower back down so I have the

YouTube video here and I have the Amazon

site here where I can do shopping and

browse and whatnot you also have this

blue horizontal line if you touch the

middle the blue line you can go ahead

and resize the screen so I can make this

part down here bigger or I can go ahead

and move it down like that another cool

thing is too is you can put it in

landscape mode just like this and now

you can do the same thing on here as

well now the thing is if I wanted to go

ahead and close one of the windows let's

just say I wanted to watch the YouTube

video what I would do is grab that blue

line in the middle again and I would

swipe all the way up if I wanted to just

see the Amazon site again then I would

just swipe all the way down so let me

just wipe all the way down and now I'll

only see the Amazon site on here let me

give you another example here let's go

back to the three vertical lines here

let me tap on that and let's do this now

let's watch a YouTube video put it on

top and let me also check my email so

I'll go back down here open in split

screen view so the YouTube video is on


now let me go ahead and check my emails

the same time so now I can go ahead and

check my emails all while watching a

YouTube videos like I check my emails

here I can go ahead and still change to

like a different video if I wish I can

go ahead and scroll and find like

another video and whatnot and like I

said you can also put it in landscape

mode too and now let me go ahead and

just continue watching this video here I

would just again grab the blue line I

will swipe down if I wanted to just look

up my email and full screen then I would

swipe up so I'll swipe down to see the

YouTube video in full screen and there

you guys go so that's pretty much it

guys thanks for watching and I will see

you in the next one