How To Split Screen Multitask On iOS! (iOS 13 / iOS 12)

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welcome back everyone that I'm gonna

show you how to split screen multitask

in a way on your iOS device whether it's

running iOS 12 iOS 13 this might even

work for iOS 11 as well I'm going to

show you on my iPhone 11 now this is the

best we got for a free method of want is

asking that there's a paid way to do it

which I would probably recommend more

than this way and that one is called

floating dock plus 13 I think it's

called or whatever and that is actually

like iPad multi tasking on your iOS

device which if you want to pay money

for it and go for it but this is a free

way to do it so you know if you're a

broke boy like me this is that we're

gonna do it now this method is actually

really really cool because you can use

two main apps like huge apps

simultaneously but honestly I just don't

like the layout like I don't like how

it's like the toggles up top that looks

like Mac OS like I kind of wish it

wasn't like that but as you can see we

have Safari on the right side we have

settings on the left side and we can

kind of go through and still use it all

the tiles work general if I go to about

you can see all my information this the

software update and all that stuff and

that's pretty much what we got and to

exit out all you do is click those X's

up top and I guess we can go back into

it whatever but I'll kind show you how

to do it if you want to fully go out of

it sure you just hop I like that nope

I wasn't clicking the X my bad so what

you want to do is you want to go into

your Cydia first of all you need a job

roken so if you want to jailbreak your

device click that first link down in the

description that'll show you tutorial if

you're on iOS 13 or below or whatever if

you have a device that's like an iPhone

11 or iPhone 11 Pro whatever however if

you have an iPhone 10 or below you can

joe break those devices on any version

of software and only that in the second

link down in the description so first

jailbreak your device that's the main

thing to do and once you have that out

of the way what you want to do is you

want to go into Cydia and you'll be

presented here and you want to go into

your sources and you want to click that

third link down in the description and

you want to go ahead and just copy it

and all you want to do there is you want

to click Edit once a click add source

and all you want to do is just paste

that third link into your repo section

right here you might already have this

repo it really just depends but you just

want to paste that link right there and

once you have that it'll take like

another minute or two for it to fully go

through so you can pause the video if

that's the case but once you have that

all set what you want to do is you want

to go under your search bar right here

you want to click search up there and

you want to start typing and you want to

type in Milky Way too as you can see it

comes right there now if you're on iOS


you can just install Milkyway one if you

want to but I probably recommend Milky

Way too if you have the option to so as

you can see I'm on iOS 13 so I'm gonna

click there and as you can see we have a

ton of different options right there and

as you can see we have a whole little

catalog of all the little things that

are brought into this specific update

and all those different things and how

to use it and all that stuff all you

want to do here is you want to click

modify and you want to click install now

I've already installed it so I'm not

about to reinstall it but you can

downgrade or remove whatever but just go

ahead and click install and that will

take like another extra like a couple

seconds projects 30 seconds and at that

point you just want to restart your

springboard and all your there it should

automatically be enabled by default so

all you have to do there is go ahead and

open an app so I'll go ahead and open up

Safari for example you know what you

have to do is just put it through the

side and all you need to do now is just

long press it and then you'll get a

little toggle on the left and it's crazy

because you can only move this one and

then we lose both of them which is kind

of funny but once you hop out you have

this whole thing right here and it's a

whole different app which is so cool if

I go into settings for example same

thing how about I'll press this it kind

of has to be like the main screen right

there I'll press it there and as you can

see it comes right there I can go and

grab this move over wherever I want to

and what I will say is don't get too

crazy don't start putting a bunch of

panel I mean you can if you want to it's

your phone but the thing is one thing

that I saw is that once you go ahead and

lock your screen as you can see it does

cover up a little bit of those panels

when you on your lock screen so if you

have a ton of different apps it might be

kind of hard to go and swipe up so keep

that in mind but you can always eggs

that are them now one thing that I saw

is that it always glitches up here but

once I go into the multitasking panel

then they come back so kind of keep that

in mind too you can always increase the

size of these little boxes as well I was

able to do before when I booked do it

now but you can increase the sizes by

grabbing these edges right here oh there

we go and that's pretty much the process

it looks a little goofy at first but I

think there's still some ways to go

about getting some functionality out of

it so that's pretty much it if you want

to exit out of it click that red X like

I showed in the beginning like that

that's pretty much it if you guys have

any other questions or anything leave it

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