How To Open A Glass Ampoule The Right Way

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hey everyone welcome today I'm going to

show you how to open a glass ampule

safely and effectively and without

getting pieces of glass stuck in your

fingers now if you're watching this

video it's probably because of one of

two reasons number one it's your first

time opening one of these tricky little

glass and pills and you want to know how

to do it or number two you've tried to

do it before and when you've done it

you've landed up with glass everywhere

pieces of glass stuck in your fingers

which is not very pleasant

so I I just the reason I'm doing this

video there's lots of videos online that

show you how to open these glass and

pills and the reason I wanted to do it

is because I wanted to sort of go to the

concerns and issues you might experience

when you open the glass ampoules whereas

other people don't usually show this and

also I've got I've had I'm quite a pro

doing it now but in the past when I

first started off I had a history of

getting glass in my fingers even so that

when I started my testosterone

replacement therapy and I got my

Susteren on in the glass ampule I was

terrified and I actually taped up my

fingers with cellotape

just in case when I try to open it I got

glass of my fingers again but as is with

most things in life I should get

experienced things and you do it more

often you get better at them and so I

just wanted to pass on these little tips

to you to help you get through that

without having to go through the same

pain either of having those tiny

fragments of glass in your fingers

making them believe so the way I'm going

to do this I normally I just talk like

this but I'm gonna show you close-up so

I'm gonna I'm gonna cut off the camera

soon and I'm gonna put the camera angle

down like this so that you can see the

process of doing it through someone's

eyes as if you were you know standing

behind me watching me open the glass

ampule so I'm gonna switch to that now

I'll do some commentary on that and then

I'll come back and you know just close

off this video but just want you to know

that I have

technique from the people that produces

glass ampule so this is the correct way

to do things so I think I'm gonna switch

now and I'll be back shortly

okay before we begin I just wanted to

clarify one thing and that's the fact

that that little black dot on the MPL

that is not the point or the place where

the ampule will break but in fact it

will actually break down further towards

the neck of the ampule so if I hold that

ampule in my two hands you can see my

right hand is supporting it underneath

the black dot and the left hand is

holding the ampule at the neck or the

base of the amp when it actually comes

time to breaking the ampule you'll push

your two index fingers closer together

to make things more stable on solid you

see the left and the right index fingers

are together providing support or

stability underneath the ampule on each

side okay in this video I'm showing you

the direction in which the ampule is

going to open in which direction you're

gonna open it with your hands and that's

applying a pressure towards you as you

can see right apply pressure and not the

other direction that's the wrong way you

want to apply pressure that's the wrong

way but towards you like this that's how

you open it in this video I'm gonna show

you the direction which to open it but

actually with the ampule in my hands I'm

not going to open it up at all

I just want to show you the position of

your fingers how you push your index

fingers together like that and you

support the ample in your hand and then

you open it towards you like I showed

just a quick tip before we open that and

pill make sure that you get all the

liquid from the top section into the

bottom section and you can do this by

obviously turning it upright and just

flicking at Jenni with your finger to

make sure all that liquid does get down

to the bottom section as you can see and

finally I'm going to hold the ampule in

my hands and my fingers in the position

that I showed you and I'm gonna gently

apply pressure in the direction that

we've learned

until it makes a pop and there you go

the ampules open and you don't have

glass in your fingers whoo okay I'm back

and hopefully that helped things make

things a lot easier and helped you learn

how to open a gloss and peel quite

easily and if you found this video

helpful please like and share it just so

that more people can see it and we can

prevent more people from getting tiny

fragments of glass stuck in their

fingers which is [ __ ] annoying and

can be painful so thanks for watching

and I'll catch you guys in the next