How to extract part files 001 using 7zip

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okay hi everyone today I'm going to be

showing you out some extract part files

using 7-zip if you do not already have

the software all you need to do is to

head over to google and type in 7-zip

and just click on 7-zip download kind of

slow okay

so now all you need to do is just click

on your particular type of windows it at

ETSU because it's the four bits and

downloads okay so I already have this

installed so once you install and

download and install this all you need

to do is to head over to where you have

keep our files and I have it's a Mac

compressed folder okay I downloaded

Adobe Photoshop and they are stored into

0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 and so on so all you

need to do is to look for this dot 0 0

own and make sure that it is also stolen

to do some time after the readings might

be corrupted and you might have it as

dots are e arts whatever so engine to go

to the properties and change it to re r

dot 0 1 and so okay yeah

confirm it so after doing that you right

click on it and select 7-zip and extract

to the folder so there you have it

start and stony start extracting sorry


and once it's done

once it's done extracting you are going

to have something like this dependence

be overcome title take time

once you're done is done you have

something like this okay so we get

something like this on TV you just have

to just run that you just run the setup

dot exe and assets thank you for

watching if you do like this video do

not forget to subscribe I like my

channel thank you