How to convert any files to PDF format.....

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hello everybody as we know that PDF file

format is most widely acceptable file

format in the world PDF are most

commonly used as a good means of

communication via emails etc but

unfortunately Microsoft in Windows by

default does not provide this feature to

print in PDF file format for example

notepad Internet Explorer or any other

printing applications you cannot

directly print to PDF file format this

video will guide you on how to print the

files save files to PDF in windows XP

windows 7 or windows 8 so for this

purpose first of all you need to

download two files from

open this site and there is a link to

cutepdf writer click on this link and

you will find the two downloadable files

out of which one is cutepdf writer and

the other one is the converter such as

course script this is a GPL converter

course script for a kind information the

cutepdf writer is free for commercial n1

commercial use no watermarks no pop-up

add web ads and this cutepdf writer is

supported in Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows

Vista Windows XP so you are free to use

in any of these versions of Windows

after downloading and installing these

two files I would like to tell you how

to convert to PDF file format for this

purpose open any printing applications

like notepad Internet Explorer MS Office

2003 write whatever you wish to write in

notepad then give the Print command and

then click on cutepdf writer from the

list of printers then again click on

print tab after this the PDF writer will

ask you the name of the file and the


to save add give the appropriate name

and save the file and you are done now

to check whether I have been able to

save it successfully in PDF file format

or node click on this save PDF file and

you see I have successfully been able to

save as PDF file format and can use this

PDF file in various forms in emails for

any other purpose you wish to the same

process applies to other printing

applications also like Internet Explorer

like MS Office 2003 etc I hope this

video helps you thank you thank you so