How to view psd, ai file thumbnails in windows 10/8/7/xp

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hello everyone welcome to our channel

are you looking for a solution to view 8

PSD files as some they'll preview

instead of relying on remembering the

file names as we know that Windows File

Explorer can give you a nice thumbnail

view of JPEG and mp4 videos but

unfortunately windows does not support

PSD files thumbnail preview for that

solution you will have to use a

third-party program like system for

adding the thumbnail preview support to

these type of files like Photoshop now

first thing first we are going to

download system software so open up the

browser and search for say some


here you will head to the first ring

which is from now you

can see this is the download page and

also you can read more about safe films

on this page like system requirements

and features we are directly going to

download this software and we will click

on download button just wait for few

seconds and download will start

automatically as you can see the file is

downloaded and we are going to click on

this file it will launch the setup on

the first screen you will click OK and

then next I agree then next next install

now wait for few moments and once it is

installed it will be ready for action

edits copying the files and applying all

the settings now click next and then

finish that's it now let's see if we are

able to see PSD files as Emden here we

go and we can see all the PSD and JPEG

files as thumbnail previews and we will

open one of the PSD file to make sure

that it's showing the Commons

here is the results it is the PSD file

and we can see as thumbnail also now let

me share with you more options here just

click on the just right click on the PSD

file and then you will see systems menu

here you can copy this file to clipboard

you can send by mail you can send

thumbnail by mail you can even convert

this file to jpg without opening the PSD

file and also BMP PNG we have more

options here many more options here here

we can select the Spotted file types

also you can clear the thumbnail cache

here and I hope you guys liked this

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comments thanks