DIY Wedding: How To Create A Table Plan

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welcome back to brides of Forth today

I'm going to be covering table planning

now this is something that quite a few

of you have asked me to cover so I'm

going to show you how I would do it and

give you a few tips along the way


okay so firstly you need to know how

many people you have how many tables you

have and where about the tables are

going to be located within the room now

it's good to do a floor plan to show

exactly where the tables are located now

you need to put each of your guests onto

the table without going crazy in the

process loads of apps and programs out

there that you can buy to do this but to

be honest I wouldn't bother I just stick

to old-fashioned post-it notes scribble

it all down you can move them around and

keep it simple all you need is a

selection of post-it notes I've used

some big square ones for the table

numbers and then some little ones just

to write everyone's names on and a pen

so all you need to do is write the table

numbers on the square post-it notes then

you write each individual guests name

onto a small post-it note and stick away

and just stick them around in exactly

the format that you would as if they

were sitting next to each other on the

table so once you're done take a quick

photo for reference if you're really

organized you can put the table number

next to each guests name on your master

spreadsheet and then you can use this as

a format for your table plan for your

wedding so thinking about where to sit

everyone I'd usually say mix it up a bit

because everyone's there to have a party

and get to know new people however if

you're a bit worried it's perhaps worth

mentioning it to family and friends

where they'd like to sit but I do this

in the very early stages so that they

don't get too involved in the planning

otherwise you could create a big

nightmare at the end of the day it's

best not to worry too much about your

table plan everyone is there to

celebrate with you and be in the right

mind to have a really good party so

don't worry about it too much you just

have to do the best that you can once

you've got your table plan done how do

you present it for your wedding day now

I've put together three boards on our

bride to forth Pinterest for you to go

and have a look at I've split them up

into three categories so first up is

traditional class among cards or escort

cards as they're also known as this is

actually my favorite route although it's

a little old fashioned it is the most

traditional format using escort

and I love the way that it looks you

have a card for each guest with a full

name and the table number on it it's

best to ladies out in alphabetical order

and by surname instead of by table so

that each guests can find their name

quickly and not block access to the

table while they're trying to find their


so traditionally escort cards are laid

out in line by surname but you can get a

bit creative with this as you can see

from these images I love the use of

rhetorical for tiles the chunks of wood

are awesome just laying it out in a

different format just to mix it up a bit

look amazing okay so next up we've got

the table plan on a board or a mirror

format this is the most popular way to

display your table plan at the moment

the board shows the table numbers or

names of the tables if you fancy and a

list underneath of everyone sitting on

that table

these can be as simple or as beautiful

as you like with many companies offering

services to design your table plan for

you you do however need to be a little

more organized with this route as you'll

need to give the designer time to create

the artwork and it also leaves little

room for changing your mind on the

places that people are sitting on

finally we have creative table planning

now if you want something that little

bit different to the norm there are many

ideas out there for how you can make

your table plan at personal and fun you

can either use the format of escort

cards or a board layout and here are

just a few ideas some of these are

absolutely awesome and you can

incorporate giving your guests a wedding

favor at the same time I would advise in

all of these formats to lay the cards

out in alphabetical order as it saves

guests loads of time in searching for

their name and blocking the way it's

also a good idea to ask a bridesmaid to

lend a hand in helping people find their

names if you don't want a long delay in

the guests being seated so I hope this

video helps with your table planning and

gives you some ideas on how to display

your table plan for your wedding day

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video ideas that would help you with

your planning thanks for watching