Add Page Numbers in PowerPoint Slides and Notes Pages

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hi in this session we'll show you how to

add and configure slide numbers to your

PowerPoint slides so for example let's

say that we have a slide deck and we

want to have our slide numbers at the

bottom 1 2 3 4 5 so you can see this

example in the next 3 you can see that

the numbering is here on the lower right

I go to the next one here right and we

can do this

we can add that there but let's say you

also want to do something a little bit

more fancy you can also add numbering

that has a different type of typeface or

different font and this can be done here

and in addition if you wanted to have

your page numbers varying on the right

on the left side you can also do that

this is an example here on page 4 slide

4 I have it over here on the right and

slide 5 I have it here on the left now

in our example also show you one where

if you had a title slide and you didn't

want to have that start at slide 1 you

can also revert that to slide 0 or just

then have it have it show up so I'll go

through and show you how that's done let

me go ahead and delete these first so we

can start clean and go ahead and delete

some from slide 3 - slide 8 select that

and just press the Delete key and I'll

just delete this one too and delete this

so we can start fresh and well maybe

I'll just kind of delete that slide we

have our title slide and we'll just add

a new slide this is insert and insert a

new slide now we'll insert a blank slide

here maybe what it would do to so if I

press if I insert a slide and I press f4

the f4 key it will duplicate my last

command so I'll just go ahead and press

f4 a couple times just get a couple

slides there so first how do we add the

page numbers well what you need to do is

just go into insert go to the insert tab

and go under the text group and under

slide number you can just click that and

header and footer window will come up

and there's an option to add a slide so

once you click on that slide number

check box they'll show you where it's

going to put it now we can apply it all

click to apply it at all and you'll see

that I have I'm on here slide 5

slide four three two and one have it so

that's one way to do it and one thing

that if you wanted to start your slide

on the content slide not have slide

numbering starting on the title slide

you can actually do that you just go

under that design go to page setup and

over here with the page setup window is

here you can select where you want the

slides to begin from so we want to begin

at zero so basically this means that now

that slide one the title slide is zero

and one is the beginning of our contest

light so that's how to do that so what

if we don't want the location of our

numbering to be down at the bottom right

we want maybe to be at the top right

well that can be done what we need to do

is go into the slide master and that's

under the View tab of the ribbon and go

under slide master and where we see and

go ahead and scroll up where we have our

slide master here I can just move I can

move this up here and that will be in

effect for all the slides because that

is the slide master which has common

attributes throughout the whole slide so

I'll go ahead and click close master

view and you can see now we have one up

here with two down there we're three

down there so that changes the location

of the textbox let me go ahead and undo

that because I want to show you

something else what if we go and undo

that again all right I think that

changes that so what if we wanted to

change a location of a page number to

alternate from right to left well this

is a little bit more of a manual

approach what you'll see is if we do it

this if we do it manual approach way

when you enter new slides in you're

going to have to manually create the

left and right slides to duplicate that

so let's show you how to do that so I'm

going to go ahead and remove this

automatic page numbering going to insert

slide number and just uncheck that and

click apply at all and now we see none

of these slides have numbering so if we

wanted to have alternating page numbers

on different parts of the slide what we

need to do is add a text box

I'm going to add that in there and at

the same time after I do that I'm going

insert slide number so it's going to put

slide who there let me go ahead and move

that a little bit so I'm going to go to

my next slide where I wanted to show on

the left side so I have to add a text

box here and go ahead and insert slide

number all right so now it's moved it

over to the left side all right so now I

have alternating slide so you see in our

example now if I if I wanted to have

another slide what numbers basically I'm

going to have to either do the same

thing insert keep inserting it or I can

just copy this select that right click

copy and just right click paste and now

it's put in 4 so the thing about this

one I mentioned earlier when you delete

a slide or add a slide this numbering

doesn't automatically update that's one

of the caveats about doing it this

manual way so if I click this slide and

I press Delete you'll notice that now

the numbering has moved over has stayed

there it doesn't automatically update

the position but this it did

automatically update the slide numbering

so basically I'd have to move that

around right so I have to move those

around now this is one of the caveats of

doing it this way if you want to have

alternating locations for your slide

number so I'd also mention that you can

also create different types of font

styles for your page number and that's

basically using the approach where we

manually enter the page number so I what

I can do is I can just enter some text I

go into the home or I can go under where

previously was an insert and enter a

text box but you can do it either way

you can see that Microsoft gives you

different options to enter things so I

can enter text box here and put page and

then enter another one that go that says

number and then insert a number here of

course then go and insert and insert a

slide number here now once I do that I

can give it different types of


I can double-click it and I'll give it

some fancy styles alright and give it to

maybe increase the font size right click

it to bring up the context menu and

bring increase the font size and then or

where I showed that an earlier font that

was kind of interesting I changed the

font to something really fancy maybe

something like you know maybe something

like this make it look really neat and

then I'll change that to something else

make this look kind of fancy like that

so there's different ways that you can

you make your page numbering stand out a

little bit and it's just like any other

type of text on your slide you can

configure it to different size or

different font style font style so I can

just space this basically select this

control so to do a drag just to select

both of the control C to copy bring down

here and ctrl V to paste and you can see

that the it automatically updated it for

slide 3 so that is how we can change the

attributes or the font style and font

weight font size for the page numbering

you can do a lot of things with it now

another option to put numbering into

your slides is in the notes pages so

sometimes you would have instances where

you wanted to print out the notes so if

you want to go and print out notes let's

this is the way it's done we just go

under file and go to print and you see

that there's a this is the notes view

right so I have notes pages select

appear if I just want the full pages

slide you wouldn't see it this is the

full pages slide so if I want to print

out the notes you would see here that

there is an option here this is on by

default because I select this on by

default but to change that you have to

go under edit header and footer and the

head and footer window shows up and

there's notes and handouts tab you just

select that if I deselect it you'll see

that it's going to disappear if I apply

to all but if I select that you'll see

that it will appear again and

unfortunately in this ah this view

there's no way to that I know of to

apply this to specific pages

it's either applied to all or not

so that's the way it works for the notes

pages so if I go out of this and go into

home view and go into view there's

another way to go through it and go into

view notes pages you can see in this

view you'll see the numbering here so if

I go up and down you'll see that the

numbering shows up here so that is one

way to do it and of course Microsoft

gives you a different option to

configure the page numbering so if I go

under insert and go under a slide number

I also have that same window where I can

turn it on and off I don't have to go

into file print preview so I can turn it

off here and apply it all and it'll show

up so that is the way that you would add

slide numbering to your slide and the

slide notes so I hope that helps thanks

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