Word 2016 - Page Numbers - How to Add Number in Header on Microsoft and Put Pages on 2017 2018 & 365

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hi and welcome students today I'm gonna

be doing a video request in Microsoft

Word 2016 it comes in from Natasha she

says hey Morgan can you do me a favor

and make another video about how to

insert page numbers alright so I'm gonna

go ahead and do that request in

Microsoft Word right now and let's go

ahead and get started so in Microsoft

Word I've seen some students they try to

put just the page numbers over here in

this area and then as you continue to

write text the page numbers rise or fall

depending on how those go so instead of

just putting your paid page numbers in

the regular text you know kind of going

like this and then right aligning them I

have seen that that's no good because

again as you continue to type it's just

not going to work out they're gonna move

so instead you're going to put them into

the header section so the header section

is right over here in the top area

okay now the page number can go in the

header or the footer section and that

again is right up here for the header

and right down here for the footer in

today's tutorial I'm gonna go over how

to put page numbers into the header

section so to get into the header or the

footer all you have to do is double

click in the area where the header or

footer is located which is right up here

in the top and bottom margins of your

page so go ahead and double click at the

top of your page if you want to put it

in the header and we see that we are now

in the header section we see that the

header and footer tools design tab now

appears and the rest of the text on our

document is gray letting us know that

we're working in the header section if I

want to go to the footer I just go to

the header and footer two design tab

navigation group and click go to footer

and I don't move me right down there

alternatively you could just click on

the header or the footer alright so I'm

gonna go ahead and put custom page

numbers on here so let's say I'm writing

this as an essay in one of my classes

and I want to put my name as well as the

page number well if I put my name down

right here and I have my name down and

then I press the spacebar and then I go

to the header and footer tools design

tab header and footer group and I click

page number I can click the page number

button right here now what you choose

of these four options here we'll decide

where it is located on the page so if I

went top of page and chose plane number

one two or three that's going to put it

on the left center or right aligned area

on the page so you can scroll through

these and see if any of these work for

you if you're interested in putting them

at the top of the page alternatively you

could choose the bottom of the page

which is right here and this would put

it into the footer section one two or

three and then you can choose any of

these other options as well as far as

page margins go you can put them along

the left-right vertical left or vertical

right bars okay and they will appear

there so if I just chose that you can

see the page number appears right down

there I do not want that in this case

I'm gonna do it ctrl Z to back that up

finally this last one down here is

current position now this means wherever

I'm currently at on my page so in this

case I have my name written a space and

then the page number right there so

let's say that I wanted to put the page

number right where my cursor is that I'm

going to go to a current position and

I'm gonna just choose plane number one I

click that it'll put that number in

right there now let's say I wanted to

right align it now well I could do ctrl

R on my keyboard or go to the Home tab

paragraph group and write a line and you

will see that the header will move right

over to the right side of the page that

looks good as I scroll down I can see on

page two it says Morgan 2 on page 3 it

says Morgan 3 so that's looking pretty


but usually in MLA and APA format you

don't want that first header to display

the page number so maybe you don't want

that on there if I didn't want that on

there I could go up to the header and

footer tools design tab go to options

and choose different first page and if I

click on that you'll see that it removes

every bit of formatting that I've chosen

from the first page but it still appears

down here on the second and on the third

page so you can go ahead and customize

your page numbers as much as you want

and as you see I will click close

header and footer and they appear right

there and they will print out in black

when they are printed so hopefully this

tutorial has helped explain how page

numbers work in Microsoft Word 2016

remember you can put text or document

info before or after the page numbers

and they will continue to work all the

way down your document that way you are

not constantly writing or handwriting in

your page numbers so hopefully this has

helped you out if it has please consider

subscribing to the channel

Natacha thank you so much for the video

requests if anyone else has a video

request please put it in the comment

section below and I will see about doing

a video for you thank you so much