How To Label Keys On A Piano/Keyboard

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hi everyone in this video I'll be

showing you how to label the keys on

your keyboard or piano so as you can see

up here are mine it's ready actually got

the notes but if yours does not have

that then this video is for you okay so

some of the basics it goes ABCD efg no

matter wha and it continues but as you

can see on mine it does not start today

so what we need to do is we need to find

the first three black notes so mana here

yours might be here but you can see

these are in a group whereas these are

kind of more separate I hope you

understand why I mean okay so with these

three black notes we're going to look at

the second and the third and in between

those two is an A so label that a now to

find out where a D is go on to the first

two black notes look in between there

and write D okay so now we know where a