How to Convert Number into Words in MS Word in Shortcut Key

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hey guys welcome Erica Lee's MJ before I

start my video I would like to say

thanks to all people for subscribing and

liking my videos so thank you thank you

very much and today's topic is how to

convert number into art in Microsoft

what yeah you heard right it's not Excel

is what today I'm going to show you how

to convert number in two words in

Microsoft Word so there is no ill be in

bill option to do this so we have to do

the little changes in our word file so

here you can see that I have open the

word and you need that word simple code

this code I have given this code in my

video description link you can copy this

code ok copy this code and come toward

and click on view and click on micron

okay click on my account view click on

micro views like this and here give the

name like I will do the word and click

on correct okay so here you can see you

to just pass this code here we have this

code by pressing ctrl e okay cody's

Bessette and now just click on file and

click on close and run to Microsoft Word

okay so that one micro is selected and

now you have to just keep the cursor in

the end of your or wherever you want to

keep the cursor no problem okay here

kill it the key to keep the cursor and

click on macros and click on view and

then click a run look at that book it

converted your number into word but it

will take lot of time to using mode I

will show you how to create the in

shortcut keys okay so here I am going to

create a shortcut key for this just

right click and click on customize quick

access I click on customize and then go

down click on macros as you can see here

ok and here you can see the body

selected and now just view the you are

really you shut cut key like ctrl shift

and I will do ctrl shift and click on

assign and then click close ok so now

you can use keyboard shortcut key to

your macros for

or what converting like I'm going to

press control shift and boom we can

converge your number into word within

second just press control shift and you

can do any your desire keyboard shortcut

key to for this so this is the way to

convert word or convert number in toward

so temp or watching see next video

please don't have like how much ass