Excel Formula - Find the Week Number from any given Date

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hello and welcome to this video tutorial

from computer Garga comm and in this

video we are going to look at how to

calculate the week number of a given

date so this was something I was asked

recently and I found interesting enough

to produce a video for and it may be

useful if you're involved in projects

and you've got task lists like a heaven

screen and you want to know what is the

week number of that project so you need

to be able to start it from any date not

just the 1st of January in a start in

the year but whenever that project

started it can also be useful to count

down to a specific due date like the

birth date of a child and you want to

know like how many weeks until that due

date whatever it may be so it has

multiple uses Excel in fact have a

function called week num that does a