How Scammers Spoof Calls: How to protect yourself

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a hello friends welcome once again to

the information security newspaper

channel I'll remind you my name it's

Miguel so today we got a really

interesting topic it's just one but I'm

pretty sure you will enjoy it well today

actually you can make an experiment by

your own because what we are showing you

today it's really interesting so just

stay here and watch it it guys whatever

so I want to know have you ever received

a call from the government or maybe from

the police or for example if you

received a call from Facebook and they

mention you that your account is being

hacked and that they need your password

in order that can restore your security

configurations I mean will you provide

them your password so guys today we're

going to talk about spoofing so for

those who don't know what is spoofing I

am going to explain it what it's

spoofing it's when a criminal or a

hacker actually thinks the information

that you receive in your caller ID and

well every time that they call you guys

you will be able to read a fake name or

a fake number in it and well that's why

the caller ID it's pretty important guys

because actually it works for several

things okay so for example you can

actually notice when they actually

police or government are calling to you

like in case it's real or for example

you can identify that yeah well your

couple is calling to you and you're with

your friends or I don't know your boss

is calling you so you will be able to

understand and to know who is calling

you right well you know that's why it's

pretty dangerous because in case that a

criminal or a hacker call you like you

will not be able to identify that there

are hackers because actually those guys

aren't professionals and they'll be very

patient in order they can get

information from you guys so you should

better take care and watch out okay so

for example they can make it happen

appears like your girlfriend's calling

you or even an artist I don't know like

Mia Khalifa like Obama Bush whatever

guys just for make this clear like


it's considered fraud so please don me

to use this information okay well thanks

to application developers and website

developers today actually we can do

thousands of things with our smartphone

but well thanks to that today we're

going to give you a list of several

spoofing applications and while all of

these applications are actually

available online and will you can try

them right now so guys just let me tell

you like like one main feature feature

of these applications actually all of

these applications you have to first

make your own account and all these

applications are paid applications but

actually got some features in it like

you can use some free calls or some free

credits so that's why you can try them

ok guys so the first application all the

list is called spoof card

well these applications like all of them

like the main feature is that it helps

you to hide that our real name or the

real number of your a phone and well

this is also working for protecting your

privacy right well one of the another

features that this application has is

that actually it helps you to record the

call and also you can like add some

noise background noise in order to that

for example you and make others others

believe that you are in the streets

there's a lot of traffic under that's

one feature okay so this is proof card

it's available for iOS but also it's

available for Android but in here it has

another name it's the same application

but with different name which is

incognito caller ID so if you need it

you can also download it ok the second


it's called spoof tail well this

application it's actually pretty famous

well it's available for your computer

like a website and also it's available

for iOS and while the main features here

is like all of them like you can change

the ID name or the ID number

hope your phone and also you can record

the phone calls and you can also add

some background noise in case you want

to cheat people that you're in the

traffic and also this spoof tale

application has the ability of change in

the boys and well this is proof tale

also has the ability of changing the

boys so you can pretend to be a woman

for example okay guys let's go with the

third application so this one is called

spoof my phone and well it's pretty

famous actually it has a unique feature

and wow it's a bit expensive but I think

is one of the bests so the feature is

that actually it allows you to make

group calls so in case that you need to

make like grouping calls or I talk to

different clients like whatever like

it's pretty helpful but as I mentioned I

think it's quite expensive because what

the less that it sells you it's 25

credits for 6.25 euros but anyway you

can try it right okay guys so let's go

with the next one this one is the forty

one and it's called ETLs communication

so let me tell you that well first of

all this was a American website like

it's just from the United States but

actually it is growing and now it is

sliding you call to different parts of

the world

well this one is also pretty expensive

but I think it's one of the best also

that's why it's in this list so this

application has a lot of features like

as all of them it lets you change the

color ID also it let you record calls

you can also add some background noise

you can also change the voice tone for

example if you were a girl okay so let's

go with the next one this one is called

spoof till this one is pretty easy to

use actually it's one of the cheapest

you just gotta play around ten cents per

credit which is pretty easy to use and

we'll go ahead guys try it actually this

one also gives you like a free credit

everyday well it gives you like the

basic stuff like changing the color ID

and also a recording the cost but guys

this spoof tale application is

available for iOS and for computer

website well finally we got this last

application which is called crazy coal

and well this application is one of the

famous actually cyber security

specialists mentioned that they used it

in the past will will thanks a lot that

now there's a lot of options and well

this critical yeah what actually used to

have a Android application but it no

longer has one anyway you can use the

web site and you can also use the iOS

application and will it give you like

the basic features such as changing the

color ID and recording the calls

so guys we just finish this list just

let me remind you that well if you want

to use these applications you have to

create your account in these ones and

what remember that also these are paid

applications but some of them have a

free credit so you should try them and

well guys now I'm going to show you

video of how we make some tests here in

the studio like we makes like some a

spoofing calls and over there you can

notice that well we got like a different

name or an unknown name which is like

also spoofing calls guys this Y me

remind you one more time this video was

made just for educational purposes so

please don't misuse these information



guys you just reach at the end of the

video but I really hope you enjoy it as

I come with you before it's pretty

interesting what maybe you can help us

by like sharing the video I mean this is

going to help a lot of people and well

they won't get to notice about this a

fake or crime calls right so guys if you

want to get more information and go to

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Annie my name is Miguel Lopez and I wish

you the best