How to auto-number thesis chapters and sections in Microsoft Word

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set up the numbering for the chapters

sections and subsections so



in the chapter title

then go to the Home tab

and under the paragraph section we want

this button here

or it says multi-level list and just

click on this little arrow to the

right-hand side and then go down to

this option here so where you have

heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 then 1 1

point 1 1 point 1 point 1 etc so is

click on this

and then we can modify this numbering so

to do that

button again so you notice this one is

in gray but we want this one to the

right-hand side of it and then this

little arrow here

and to modify these settings we go down

to define new multi-level list so it's

important you do these things in this

order so apply this numbering style

first then define new multi-level list

then we get this menu here and just to

show all of the options I'll click on

this more button in the bottom left hand


so here we have a number of levels from

1 to 9 and each level is linked to a

style so level 1 is linked to the

heading 1 style level 2

linked to heading to level three heading

three okay so I'll go back to level one

so these are the chapter headings and

then where it says enter formatting for


number one

type in chapter and space

after the number

but a :

follow number with

just change this to a space rather than

a tab character

and then where it says text indent at

21.6 set this to zero and then click on

set for all levels and make sure all

these numbers are zero then level two

text and then set to zero follow number

with and get up with this to a space

then level three

so this number is zero all these are

zero that's fine and follow the number

with a space once again

click on okay

now we can see chapter 1

and then one point one section heading

one point one point one subsection

heading now whenever you do anything

automated like this so it's

automatically applying numbering it's

good to make sure that it's working

correctly so if I insert another section



delete that line and then apply the

heading to style then we just need to

check has the numbering updated

correctly and yes it has and just to

make sure that the chapter headings are

working correctly as well let's put a

new chapter in


apply the heading one style

and you can see that it's numbered at

chapter two and it's also inserted that

page break before as well so it ensures

that every chapter starts on a new page

I just zoom out

you can see what that looks like and

it's starting to look pretty good