How to Automate Row numbers in Excel?

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welcome back fellows Ross and we often

pull in a row numbers as serial numbers

of sequence numbers I'm going to

demonstrate how you can automate them

what do I mean by automate let me share

with you an example so let's say for

example I started creating one sequence

and I added 15 rows to that and 15

different types of data I put in here

now in a case if I want here to remove

some of the rows for example from 5 till

10 and removing you will see the

sequence has removed now I wanted to

keep this row the same automatically

updatable but it's not possible here let

me show you how you can do that and

automate it there's a function for that

in Excel it's called is equal to row

parentheses start and parenthesis closed

and it will give you the address of the

current row drag it down and you will

get the address of each row here you can

use this as a sequence and this is more

or less again the same 15 rows I will

add let's say as a test some data just

to demonstrate this as a table highlight

this for you now let's remove from 5 to

10 again and if I remove it here you

will see the sequence remains the same

so if you add this function is equal to

row it will carry your numbers as per

the sequence you can also add is equal

to row and cell address for example this

is a 10 still it will give you the same

reference of the cell so we creative

guys use it in your tables and enjoy I

wish you a very good day and looking

forward to speak to you again bye bye