Microsoft Word 2010: Citations, Bibliographies and Cross References

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Microsoft Word 2010 citations

bibliography x' and cross references

many type of documents require some sort

of bibliography or citation to mark your

sources this can be done very easily on

the references tab we have a citations

and bibliography group in the middle of

the tab now I'm going to scroll down

here to a place I would like to insert a

citation I have a quote here and this

quote has not been cited now I'm going

to go to the insert citation button and

I have a source already listed so I can

simply click on it and it adds the

source that's easy if your sources are

already in here if they aren't then you

have a couple options I'm going to go

ahead and undo that come back here and

choose add new source here what I would

do is put it in and I'm just going to

put my name in here and say that I wrote

a book

once I put all these elements in I could

click okay if I want to see all the

bibliography fields I could click that

and there are other things I may want to

include in this case I probably have

everything I'd like but I can put

additional information in here if needed

I'm going to go ahead and click OK

notice that because I created this item

as I was inserting a citation it put it

in and created it as a source another

option is that you may not want to put

the source in right now you may not have

the full information and you want to

come back to it later click where you

would like to put the citation come up

to insert citation and add a placeholder

now I'm going to click OK to that this

is for any sources that are not yet

listed in your manage sources then later

on I can come in here hit the drop down

arrow and edit the citation which will

give me the ability to put pages

suppress different fields but again it's

not in here yet so I'm not going to

worry about that more likely you're

going to come in here and go ahead and

edit source now you can add the source

in just as I did earlier and we'll put

that information in for you so

placeholders can be incredibly valuable

if you do not have your sources yet

listed once you have all your sources

I'm going to go ahead and delete this

placeholder first of all once you have

your sources in here you may want to

manage your sources and take a look at

them I have the placeholder but I can go

ahead and delete that and I can see that

I have the two sources in here this

source is not cited so it does not have

a checkmark next to it if you want to

add or delete sources to your list you

can do that I'm going to go ahead and

close out of this and actually maybe I

do want to add that first source in

there so I'll put that there now I'm

going to go to the end of my document

where I already have a works cited in

here now the works cited goes on the

last page I put a page break in here and

now I have my works cited I've made

changes so I'm going to go ahead and

choose to update

my citations and bibliography now that

it's updated I can see both entries

once again I'm showing you what would

happen if the work said it was already

here but let's show you how to actually

enter it so what I'm going to do is go

ahead and delete my work cited and now

I'm going to go ahead and enter it again

the way I would do this is on my blank

page at the end of my document go to

bibliography and I can choose either the

bibliography style or works cited style

I'm going to go ahead and choose a

bibliography and my bibliography came in

at the end of my document now let's say

that you want your bibliography to have

a different style what I'm going to do

is come in here and change the color of

my text to black I'm also going to

change my font to Times New Roman now

below that I may also want to change up

the way the entries come in here I'm

going to go ahead to my paragraph region

click the paragraph button and I'm going

to say I want some space after to be put

in there once I make the changes I want

I'm going to come back up here and

select my entire bibliography now I'm

going to choose to save this selection

as a bibliography gallery item what this

will do is it will save this right here

in this list

and then if I want to create any other

bibliographies that look like this it

will be saved for future use

so I'm going to click save selection -

bibliography gallery I get to create new

building block dialog box and I can

choose to give it a name and I'm just

going to call this professional

bibliography and I want to save it in my

bibliography gallery and then I click OK

now down the road I can come up to

bibliography and I can see that my

professional bibliography is there and

that's how we can insert a citation add

sources manage sources and create a

bibliography in Word 2010

now it's time to look at a different

type of reference what we're going to go

ahead and do is add a caption to a

figure and then we're going to go ahead

and build a cross-reference to that so

first of all I'm going to click on the

image I want to add a caption to and

I'll scroll up so we can see just below

it now I'm going to go to my references

tab on the references tab I'm going to

insert a caption and notice it says

caption figure 1 and then I'm going to

say Michiko

Watanabe CEO and I do want this to be a

figure and I want it to be below the

image so that's perfect I'm going to go

ahead and click OK and now you can see

that it says figure 1

Michiko Watanabe CEO that's our basic

caption now I want to build a cross

reference in my document so what I'm

going to do is click after her name

inside the document and I'm going to put

a parenthesis I'm going to say C and

then a space now what I'm going to do is

come up and put a cross reference in

this is on the references tab as well

I'm going to click cross reference and I

can reference many different things

numbered items headings bookmarks

footnotes endnotes quotations and way

down near the bottom of the list is

figure and I can have it put in the

entire caption or only the label and

number by putting the entire caption it

was a figure 1 Michiko Watanabe CEO but

what I want to do is I actually want it

to just put the label so it's going to

put in figure 1 so I'm going to click

insert and now it says see figure 1 and

I don't even have to close out of this

I'm now going to type on page and a

space and now I want to put the page

number so I change the insert reference

to page number and choose insert I'm

going to close out of that and then I'm

going to close it up and that's how we

can do a caption and a cross reference

in a document

and that covers some of our basic

referencing tools in Microsoft Word 2010