How to Make Straight Quotations in Word : Using Microsoft Word

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hi I'm Christina - I'm a computer web

specialist and today I'm going to show

you on how to make straight Cote shoes

using Microsoft Word now I'm going to

open up Microsoft Word here and I'm

going to import a dummy sentence like

Christina says

hello and as you can see right when I

used quotations they automatically made

them into smart quotations now if I want

to change this I simply go to file

select options and inside your options

menu select proofing and underneath your

autocorrect options click on autocorrect


so that I can change the autocorrect

within Microsoft Word and inside your

autocorrect options select Auto format

as you type and unselect this box that

says straight quotes with smart quotes

so sites that but uncheck that box I

click on OK and then click on OK for

this one so now when you use quotations

now there are straight quotations so

Christina says hello and now there are

straight quotations so that is how you

make straight quotations using Microsoft

Word thank you so much for your time and

I'm Christina to