Make Sequencing Questions with Google Forms

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hey this is Eric from control alt

achieve and in this video we're going to

talk about how to use Google Forms to

create questions for sequencing or

ordering now for those of you that are

familiar with Google Forms it's a great

tool for creating assessments and

quizzes for students however we do have

some limitations in the types of

questions we can use so if I were to

come in here to create a Google Form and

look at the question types that are

available you'll see we've got things

like short answer and paragraph multiple

choice checkboxes drop-down we've got a

scale in a grid date and time and this

is fantastic however it turns out that

there's a lot of options that aren't

available folks familiar with more

modern assessments that our students are

seeing some of the high stakes state

tests like PARCC and air and so forth

they have more tech enhanced question

types like drag-and-drop and clicking on

hotspots and putting things in order or

sequencing items now Google Forms does

not support those yet hopefully someday

it will but welcome to talk about in

this particular video is sort of a

workaround a creative way to use the

features that are in Google Forms to

mimic a sequencing or ordering type of

quiz question so let's try that out so

for our example here today now you could

do this with just about any topic I'm

gonna go with the growth of a frog but

obviously this would work for just about

anything putting historical events in

order putting the panels of a comic

strip in orders they tell the story and

the right sequence could be you know

steps in a scientific process in this

case we'll do one for the growth of a

frog so there's our title throw that in

as normal a couple of things we're gonna

do just housekeeping kind of things

nothing fancy at the moment we're going

to go up to our gear button up here

looks just like we normally would and

we're going to turn this into a quiz so

we're gonna click on the quizzes tab and

say make this a quiz now of course you

can adjust all these settings whichever

way you prefer for this example though

I'm just going to go

turn it into a quiz so at least we have

that much turned on okay so up to this

point nothing are too different yet

alright now the next thing we're gonna

do is where I go ahead and create our

question well actually we're gonna

create our questions plural because the

way this works is we're going to have to

make one question for each possible item

in the sequencing problem we're working

on so it's not going to be a single

question it's actually multiple

questions where each one is its own item

that's getting sequenced now because of

that you're going to want to think about

where you want to put your directions

for this because you can't really put

the directions with any one of the

questions since there'll be multiple

questions that are part of the problem

so basically what you could do is a

couple of things you could come here to

the forum description and you could just

paste your directions in there that

would work perfectly fine another option

if you want is you can come over here to

the floating toolbar and you can insert

another title and description and if you

do that you could put your directions

there and perhaps for the title of that

section actually just call it directions

so you could have your own directions

section that would be fine

alright so my directions are telling

them below you're gonna see items in a

random order

please correct or select the correct

positions for a second third fourth and

so forth to put them in the right order

in this case from youngest to oldest

because we're doing frog growth all

right so let's go ahead and we'll start

with our first item that we're gonna do

and that is gonna be the Frog eggs

because a frog is gonna start off in an

egg form and so that'll be our first

item that we put here so for the

question I'm actually putting in the

description of the item frog eggs now

the type of question we're gonna go with

I'm gonna suggest drop down just because

it will save a lot of space when it

comes time for the kids to take the quiz

rather than having all of this listed

out the drop-down kind of compacts

things because what we're gonna put down

below here are the possible orders now

I'm gonna do four stages of frog growth

so frog eggs could be first

they could be second or they could be

third or they could be fourth those are

the four possibilities for what frog

eggs could be so I've got my frog eggs

description I've got the four possible

positions that they could be in the

cycle it is a drop-down I do want to set

the correct answer here so I'm gonna

click on answer key and frog lakes are

the first so we'll select first and

we'll just make that worth one point so

that we have that set now something else

you might want to consider here before

we leave this first question is you may

want to put in an image to go along with

this that would make a lot of sense for

this one because I can probably grab

some pictures of frog eggs now some

times that's not gonna make sense maybe

you're having students put in proper

sequence the sentences of a paragraph

well then it's just text that makes

perfect sense but other times you may

want to include an image as well now in

the past that would have been a bit of a

problem because Google Forms used to

have images separate from the questions

and we're going to end up randomizing

this in a little bit and that would

create a little bit of havoc because the

pictures and the questions wouldn't be


well now the images are part of the

questions so to the right of frog eggs

I'll click on the image icon here to

insert an image and I'm just gonna run a

Google search and we'll just search for

frog eggs and we should have no problem

of finding some frog eggs in the Google

search results and we'll just go with

the first one that's fine and drop that

in alright so that's our first item

that's in getting sorted is frog eggs

now we've got three more stages that we

need to do for the frog's life to save

yourself a little bit of time my

suggestion will make that required my

suggestion would be to duplicate your

first question rather than recreating

this on every single one of them they'll

save you a little bit of time putting in

the possible positions there so let's go

ahead and we'll just hit the duplicate

button and we'll move on to our second

stage which is going to be tadpole

so this will be the tadpole stage will

change the image because now we need a


so we'll search for a tadpole and grab

him he looks good it's a group of

tadpoles there now we don't have to

change anything else for second third is

great except for this is now the second

in the sequence so for the answer key we

will quickly switch second to the right

answer and uncheck first all right keep

on going duplicate that and our next

phase for frog growth is frog let so for

this next one we'll do frog let we will

search for an image of a frog let and

let's see what looks like that first one

looks pretty good like him I'll just

grab him he's good and we'll come down

here to the answer key and change this

to the third of four in order and we've

got one left

so finally come on down and duplicate

this one more time and now we need an

adult for all so we'll have our last one

beat he's all full-grown let's change

this to an adult frog and of course you

can upload your own pictures as well I'm

just doing a google search because

that's nice and quick but you could just

simply upload your own images just as

easily and again we want to change the

answer for this one the adult frog will

be fourth in line there and there we go

so there's our quiz we've got frog eggs

with first being the answer we have

tadpoles with second being the answer we

have froglets with third being the

answer and we have adult for all with

fourth being the answer now I'm putting

these in order because for me it's easy

I mean I think you should too I mean

keep them in order as you're setting up

the answer key it makes it really simple

because it's not going to be an order

for your students what we're gonna do

now is we're going to use a feature

built into Google Forms which allows us

to shuffle the questions so now that

we've built the quiz we're gonna head up

to the gear once again give a click on

the gear on the top right and this time

we're going to choose the presentation

tab the middle tab there then we're

going to choose the second option down

shuffle question order and save that now

the reason why we're doing that is

because this way every time a student

takes this quiz they will get these four

items frog eggs tadpole froglet and

adult frog in a random order they'll get

randomly shuffled around and they will

be choosing for second third or fourth

based upon the order that they're in to

put them in the right order let's try it

out and see what that looks like all

right so let's go to the View button

here so we can preview this and here we

go so for all growth directions put them

in order we've got tadpole adult frog

frog let and frog eggs again randomly

rearranged so for tadpole have to think

okay let's see we've got eggs that

should be first then the tadpole then

the Frog left and the frogs let me see

tadpole that would be second adult frog

should be the fourth item frog let

should be the third and frog eggs should

be the first and now when I hit submit

it'll grade that for me I can click view

my score and see that I got four out of

four on that fantastic I've put them in

the proper order

now if you needed to do more than one

set of ordering in here you certainly

could you could put in another set after

this the only thing you're gonna

definitely want to make sure you do is

you're gonna want to put a page break in

between each of them because we're

turning on the shuffling feature which

shuffles these around that's how we're

getting all of these randomly arranged

each time well the problem is if I just

add another question below here whatever

I put is going to get pulled randomly up

into the Frog one so let's say I do

another one on the stages of

photosynthesis okay well what you're

gonna want to do is go to your your last

question in the Frog cycle and over here

in the floating toolbar you want to add

a section if you click this button here

it looks like an equal science actually

add a section that will create a new

page and you could just keep working

from there make your second set of

sorting or sequencing items on that

page that way when Google does randomly

rearrange things it does it within each

page it won't take things from page two

and put them on page one it will

randomly do each page so you could have

multiples of these no problem at all you

can have as many of them in there as you

want just make sure you throw a page

break in between each one of them so

again it's not really quite the same as

what you're probably going to see on

some of the more modern assessments

where maybe Stu is actually dragging and

dropping things into the proper order

but it does use some nice built-in tools

that Google has for us the ability to

put images inside of the question as

well as the ability to randomize the

order of those questions so try that out

see how that works gives you another

option to give your students some

creative assessments if you'd like some

more information on this and get some

real nitty-gritty details on exactly how

that was done a head on over to my

website at control alt achieved calm if

you go specifically to control alt

achieve calm slash sequence that will be

the blog post that has this video but

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ctrl alt achieve thanks so much

take care