Coordinate plane: quadrants | Negative numbers | 6th grade | Khan Academy

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In which quadrant is the point negative 7 comma 7 located?

So let's just review what a quadrant is.

A quadrant are each of the four sections

of the coordinate plane.

And when we talk about the sections,

we're talking about the sections as divided by the coordinate


So this right here is the x-axis and this up-down axis

is the y-axis.

And you can see it divides a coordinate plane

into four sections.

We call each of these sections quadrants.

This one over here, where both the x-values and the y-values

are positive, we call the first quadrant.

And we use the Roman numeral I.

Then if we kind of move counterclockwise

around the coordinate plane, this quadrant where

the x-values are negative and the y-values are positive,

we call this the second quadrant.

I could write it.

We call this the second quadrant.