How to add slide numbers in PowerPoint (The Right Way!)

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This is Taylor from Nuts and Bolts Speed Training with another PowerPoint tip to

help you make happy hour.

How to quickly add and remove page numbers and this isn't as straightforward as

it should be.

And here in PowerPoint I have a deck and what I want to do is add page numbers

to the upper right hand corner of the slide and have them automatically applied

to all of the slides within this deck.

And to do that first I need navigate to the slide master view of my deck.

So on my keyboard I'll hit alt W M to flip over to the slide master view.

To add page numbers, I need to navigate to the parent slide,

which is the bigger slide up top.

And from the slide master tab I want to select master layout.

And in the master layout I want to select slide number and hit okay and you can

see my page number added there at the bottom. I'll grab the page number.

Here with my mouse, I'll drag it up into position use some of my smart guides.

I'll just quickly resize it hit control E to center it hit escape and call it a


Next I need to navigate back to the layout that all of my graphics are sitting

on and then again from the slide master view,

I want to select footers which will populate all of the footer and slide number

information from my parent slide. With that done,

I'll click close master view to return to the normal view of the deck.

Now looking at the upper right hand corner of my slides,

you can see that I still don't have any page numbers even though I just set them

on the slide master view of the deck so I still have one more step.

So for the final step I'll navigate to the insert tab and I'll select header and

footer to open the header and footer dialogue box.

And this is where you can set all of the date and time slide numbers and

footers, for your notes and handouts and your slides.

I'll select slide number and notice that you have an option to not show the

slide number on your title slide. I'll select apply to all,

and now looking at the upper right hand corner,

you can see that I have the page numbers that I previously set there on my slide

master. Now if you later want to remove all of your page numbers,

all you need to do, navigate to the insert tab,

open the header and footer dialogue, unselect slide number,

select apply to all and all of your page numbers will be removed from your

presentation. This is Taylor from nuts and bolts speed training,

and I'll see you at happy hour.