Numbering Paragraphs in MS Word

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start by going up to the top and

clicking on view and then look for the

rulers option now I might have a

different version of word than you're

using but the view menu should still be

along the top bar make sure that the box

next to the rulers is checked if you

already have that done then you're good

to go two rulers will appear around your

document the next thing you need to do

is click drag and highlight all the

paragraphs that need to be numbered once

you have all of it highlighted right

click on it in the middle of the menu

that popped up look for the option that

says numbering at the bottom of the side

menu there's an option that says define

new number format go ahead and click on

it a window pops up and a common mistake

made here is that people will

accidentally delete the the highlighted

one and then type one back in there that

numbers all of your paragraphs with one

so make sure you don't delete that

highlighted one now find the button at

the top this is font and click on it in

this menu you can customize what the

numbers on the side of your paragraphs

will look like generally you just want

to make the font smaller than the rest

of the text in the document that's about

the only thing you want to change here

by hitting OK in the last window you'll

come back here hit OK in here as well

and just leave all the other options at

default most of the time word will

pretty much screw this step up don't

worry leave all your text highlighted

and right-click on the text again go

back up to numbering and reaches the

format that you've just made now all of

your highlighted text should now look

similar to this go up to your top ruler

and click the box with the triangle on

top of it click and drag that over the

edge of the margin now it's looking

better and it should look something like

this but it's not quite there yet

grab the triangle that's on the top of

the ruler and drag that over the half

inch mark on the inside of the margin

the numbers should now be more separated

from the rest of the document but now

you need the indents now look up to the

ruler and look for the half inch mark on

the inside of the document click there

once and a little tiny L should appear

when you let go your mouse your


should now be indented and your paper is

ready to go