Inserting Page Numbers in Google Docs

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hi this is Chad Griffith and this video

is to show my students how to quickly

and easily insert page numbers in Google

Documents here's a Google document that

I'm actually creating for class it has

no page numbers so I simply need to go

to insert scroll down to page number and

select whether I wanted to at the top of

the page or the bottom of the page in

this case I'm going to select the top of

page many times the page numbers will

default to being on the first line if

that is the case please put the cursor

to the left of the page number and to

press the Enter key thereby moving the

page numbers down so they're not on the

very top if they're on the very top they

will not print if we're not printing the

papers that would never become an issue

but at some point we may print the

papers at which point that becomes an

issue if the inserted page number is

going to be used for an MLA paper then

it needs to have the students last name

in front of the page number in this case

I will say that my last name is Jones so

I'll just type Jones out of space here

it says Jones 1 that's it I know that

the paper belongs to Jones and it's page

1 and if I scroll down since this is in

a header it should automatically have

populated the second page with Jones 2

let's look there it is Jones 2 good

that's all there is to inserting page

numbers happy writing