Add headers, footers, or page numbers in Google Docs (NO YOUTUBE ADS)

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hello everyone this is Ian Lamont author

of Google Drive and Google Docs in 30

minutes today gonna be showing you how

to add information to the header or

footer of a Google Docs document

including page numbers and this can be

very useful if you have a long report or

some sort of document you're working on

that has just looks kind of plain and

you want to make it look better and you

want to add page numbers which are

useful if it's a really long document

and people need to refer to a certain

page or they want to have some reference

like that so this is how you do it

right here we have a press release for

my company from earlier and it's for a

new book that we had and you can see

it's pretty plain it's just text there's

a heading down here there's some bullets

but I want to dress it up a little bit

so it looks really cool and one way you

can do that is by adding stuff to the

header or the footer so the first thing

I'm going to do is I'm going to add an

image to the header of the document now

there's two ways to access the header of

a Google Docs document and this is true

in a Mac OS or in Microsoft Windows and

the first way is just to simply click on

the top and right away you'll see a

little dialog that you're in the header

so I could start to type text here like

press release okay but I want to add an

actual logo there and this is how to do

it delete that so I've selected the

header the other way to do that would be

if you don't just click on it you can go

to insert header and then you go to

insert image okay

drag an image here this pop-up appears

and I have one ready this is the logo

for in 30 minutes guides it's our new

logo and it's this I'm gonna put in the

big version of it let's see what happens

okay now you can see the logo is there

it's a little bit too big I don't want

it that big so to shrink it down a bit

select it and then grab one of the

corners and then you kind of scale it up

there okay that looks much better and

this logo will appear in the top of the

first page in the top of the second page

if you don't want it to appear in the

first page but you do want to appear in

the second page you click the header

area and there's a little checkbox here

different first page header footer click

that ok so now I could say press release

that's for the first page of the header

and then for every subsequent page this

cool logo appears there ok and then if I

want to Center that I can just do this

press the center button right there ok

now there is the header on page one and

two now I want to add some page numbers

so the way they do that is very similar

to the header click in the footer area

or go to insert footer same in Windows

or Mac OS alright now I want to add page

numbers here and I can of course I can

manually do that like I could type one

here different first page header and I

can go to the second page and there be a

two but that that's not the way to do

that and that especially it won't work

for large documents Google Docs already

has a function that lets you insert a

page number it's right here go to insert

page number and actually you can select

it so it shows up in the header up here

or in the footer automatically and this

one means that it'll be on the first

page of the document then the second

page has the number two this one means

the first page will be have no page

number and it won't even start it'll be

like page zero but there won't you won't

be able to see it and then on the on the

next page the actual the second page of

the document will be the number one and

the reason why you would do this is if

you had a cover sheet and you don't want

any page number to appear there so I'm

just gonna do the standard one so the

first page is number one second page is

number two okay so you can see the page

number one and then down here it's on

the right side if you want to change the

positioning of it and part of the reason

here is because I have different first

page header or footer

so I'm going to deselect that so you can

see on page one is the number one here

page two is the number two if I wanted

to Center that all I do is select the

center button okay if I wanted to change

the font like let's say it needs to be


right now it's Ariel 11 if I wanted to

make that bigger I could do Ariel 14 and

you can see that it carries over to the

second page to usually don't do that I

usually don't make it so big okay go

back to 11

alright anyways that's how you add

headers and footers to a document in

Google Docs for more advice on how to

get the most out of Google Docs check

out my book Google Drive and Doc's in 30

minutes available from in 30 minutes

calm thank you so much for watching