PART2:Rules for numbering of carbon atoms in organic compounds/ structure

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because - so - so that is if more than

one substrate is there more than one


we must assign and I'm much faster than

one two three four five and


two groups improve next the fifth rule

and the last foolish reality rule we

must see the reality rule in multiple

bonds and functional groups first in

multiple bonds double bond is superior

than one which means the robot needs

senior total boy

so first if we are able to double bond

means if you want to use a lumbering low

instrument mustard into that we want

them in the functional groups

the priority is Bona COOH greater than

bonds even greater than the harness

eh-oh greater than bouncy-bouncy W on


greater than God who H greater tank born

in h2 means this is the superior than

this which means this is Celia true this

is for this business we need to this and

so on which means suppose these two are

the first priority new stubborn 0 voyage

second reacted to this means released

remember still to this suppose these two

are the first of gravity to 1 cor next

to this