Word 2016 - Page Numbers Starting from Specific Number - How to Add Insert Start Put on Pages in MS

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hi and welcome students today's tutorial

will be in Microsoft Word 2016 and we

have a video request from my young my

young says hi I want to make page

numbers which start from the third page

and have a display of page number one

may I have a lecture from you thanks all

right well I'm gonna go ahead and do

that right now in this tutorial I'm

gonna show you how to not only add in a

custom header containing the page number

but also make that page number appear

from a specific page in your document

let's go ahead and get started so the

first thing that I see here is my

Microsoft Word document what's on it is

not very important I'm basically going

to show you this entire documents that

you know how it works the first page

here I just called it abstract the

second page I called about the author