Word 2016 - Page Numbers Starting from Specific Number - How to Add Insert Start Put on Pages in MS

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hi and welcome students today's tutorial

will be in Microsoft Word 2016 and we

have a video request from my young my

young says hi I want to make page

numbers which start from the third page

and have a display of page number one

may I have a lecture from you thanks all

right well I'm gonna go ahead and do

that right now in this tutorial I'm

gonna show you how to not only add in a

custom header containing the page number

but also make that page number appear

from a specific page in your document

let's go ahead and get started so the

first thing that I see here is my

Microsoft Word document what's on it is

not very important I'm basically going

to show you this entire documents that

you know how it works the first page

here I just called it abstract the

second page I called about the author

the third page right down here is called

introduction this is where I want my

first page header to show up alright and

then I have one two more pages after

that so ideally introduction will

display with one and then the two pages

below it will display with two and three

let's go ahead and get started so the

first thing you'll notice is if I go to

up to the top of the document here and I

go to the insert tab and I go to page

numbers and I click page number in the

header and footer area I could choose

where I want the page number to be

displayed let's say I went here to top

of page and I chose this plain number

three and I click that notice that when

I do this it moves me to my header and

footer area and it displays one at the

top to three so on and so forth so

that's pretty much default on how to do

it on the first page but on this one

we're going to try to do it with the

third page so I'm going to close the

header and footer and do a ctrl Z to

undo that so now what I'm going to do is

I'm going to turn on my paragraph

markers by going to the Home tab

paragraph group and then clicking the

paragraph markers show/hide button this

will help me see what's going on as far

as formatting on my sheet so I scroll

down to the page that I want to have the

first page displayed on so that's

introduction right here I click right

before the I in introduction because

that's the beginning point now the page

above it has a page break right here but

what I'm going to do is I'm going to end

in a another type of break so what

you'll do she'll cuts the layout tab and

you'll go to the page setup group and

click this button right here called

brakes all right and then we'll go down

here and we'll choose under section

break next page insert a section break

and start the new section on the next

page so again I'm clicked right before

introduction and then I click on next

page all right now if I have my

formatting markers off you wouldn't

notice any difference but since I have

them on I could scroll up just a little

bit and I see it says section break

right there alright so that looks good

now I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna go

ahead and try to insert in those page

numbers again so I'll go right down here

to introduction and I'll go to the

insert tab and I'll go over here to

header and footer group and I'll click

page number all right now I go to top a

page like I did before and I'll choose

plain number three like I did before I

click it okay now notice right here it

still says page three okay now you'll

notice that something has happened it

says in the header and footer tools

design tab under navigation link to

previous okay and this links to the

previous section to continue using the

same header and footer I want to turn

this off so if I click that right there

that will turn it off but notice still

nothing happens this still says three

over here so even though it's not linked

to the previous anymore now that we put

in that section break above it's viewing

this as its own section so now what I

can do is I could go back to the insert

tab and I could go over here to the

header and footer group and click page

number once again and this time I'm

gonna click format page numbers

after I click format page numbers this

will open up this dialog box right here

and I could go down here to the page

numbering section and click start at and

one right there and what this will do is

this will start this section with one

and I click OK now you'll notice this is

now changed to one the page below is two

and the page below is three so that's

perfect now all I have to do is go back

up to the previous pages and take a look

at these ones and these ones still have

headers on them so now what I have to do

is go up here click on these headers

and I just click right before the one

right there and I'll go to the insert

tab page number button one more time and

I'll click remove page numbers all right

and that should remove it from these top

two pages oops okay come on now for my

new later okay sorry about that

and then down here we notice all right


that one's all set so on page three down

here it still displays it perfectly so

now I could always double-click out of

my header and footer and I see now my

third fourth and fifth pages contain the

numbers one two and three and just

remember to remove those initial ones

from the top couple pages so hopefully

this video has helped you out

hopefully it got done with whatever the

question was in this case my Young's

question on how to start the page

numbers on the third page if you enjoyed

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appreciate that if you have any comments

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