Apple Notes App Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

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Hey What’s up Guys!

Dhvanesh again from iGeeksBlog and today I’m gonna share number tips to use Apple’s Notes

App like a pro on your iPhone and iPad.

So without wasting time, let’s get started

1st in the list is change default account location of Notes.

iCloud is set as the default account for Notes app.

But if you want to store your notes in other location or want to keep them locally on your

iOS device, you can do it from the Settings app.

What you have to do is

launch Settings App

Scroll down and select Notes

And enable ‘On My iPhone Account’

Now tap on the Default Account, and select the preferred location to store your notes.

2nd in the list is sort notes

One of the simplest ways to keep your notes in line with your workflow is to ideally sort


Again go back to Settings app

Scroll down and select Notes

And tap on ‘Sort Notes By’

From here you can sort your notes by Date Edited, Date Create or Title.

Have you accidentally deleted an important note and regret your action?

Don’t worry! iOS lets you bring those removed notes into life again with ease.

All you have to do is

open the Notes app

Head over to the Recently Deleted folder

Tap on the edit from the top right corner

And select the notes you want to restore

then tap on the ‘Move to…’ from the bottom left and select the folder of your


Well, you will be able to restore the deleted notes within 30 days.

Then after, the app will permanently delete them.

Want to create PDF files of your Notes?

Good thing is that you don’t need any third party app for that.

All you have to do is

open the note and hit the share button

and choose Create PDF from the share sheet.

You can also annotate the file using the Markup tool.

Once you are done - Select ‘Save File To’ and then save it in choice of folder in iCloud


If you want to send the PDF file via email or Messages, tap on the share button and then

choose the preferred medium to send it.

From the share sheet, you can also store your notes in Books app or any other third party

documents app.

Many a times we want to jump the specific points or want to scan through some of the

main points in a long note.

Thanks to built-in search tool that allows quick search within notes.

All you have to do is

tap on the share button and then select ‘Find in Note’ from the share sheet.

Now type in the word or phrase you want to find.

The word will be highlighted and you can use upward/downward arrow to navigate through

the highlighted word.

Adding notes widget to lock screen allows me to instantly access the notes without having

to dig into the app!

Just swipe left on the home screen to bring lock screen

Scrol Down and tap on Edit

Tap on the '+' sign next to notes to add widget in the lock screen.

You can also customize the Notes options for lock screen from the Settings app

Go to Settings app - Scroll down and select Notes

and tap on Access Notes from Lock Screen.

Now select ‘Off’ to prevent Notes from being accessed from the lockscreen.

or Select Always Create New Note to create a new note from Lock Screen.

or you can Select Resume Last Note to edit the last note you created.

Well, Just like Lock Screen, you can also add Notes to Control Center to quickly jot

down your thoughts.

All you have to do is

launch Settings app

Scroll down and select Control Center

And tap on Customize Controls

From here, add Notes to Control Center.

You can share your notes with your colleague, friends or family and work on those notes

in real time.

You just need to share notes with their Apple ID

What you have to do is

Open note that you want to share

Tap the Collaborate icon at the top of the screen

and then choose how you’d like to send your invitation.

You can send the invite through Messages, Mail, Social Media and more.

Enter the recipients' names.

You can send invites individually or as a group.

And send it.

You can keep your most important notes pinned to the top of your list.

Just find out the Note that you want to pin.

Then swipe right on that note and hit the pin button.

In case, if you want to unpin it, swipe right and hit the unpin button.

If you like customizing your note, you shouldn’t let this one go away.

What it basically does is allow you to change the paper style of the file.

Currently, there are seven styles including the default one to choose from.

Just open the note and hit the Share button → select Lines & Grid → now choose the

preferred paper style.

Text selection is somewhat easy in Notes app.

However, Trackpad mode makes it ever faster.

What you have to do is,

Press and hold the keyboard to activate trackpad.

If you have iPad or non-3d Touch iPhone, long press on the space bar to enter trackpad mode.

Now Move cursor where you want to start.

Then Keep the trackpad activated, and press into the screen again and it will highlight

the word.

Now slide your finger down or up to highlight the text.

If you have iPad or non-3d touch iPhone, tap with another finger on the trackpad to activate

the selection mode.

Now If you want to format the selected text, just tap the + button.

Now tap on the font button from the toolbar.

And from here you can change the format of the text as per your need.

Once you are done, just close it.

You can do number of things from the toolbar.

You can add Table.

You can copy, share or convert table content to text.

Or just delete table, if you don’t need it.

You can also add check list from the toolbar.

Just tap once the checklist button and start adding your check list.

From the toolbar, you can also scan documents, take photo or video to attache in your note,

or you can add photo directly from the library.

And select ‘Add sketch’ to add your signature or sketch in your notes.

Apart from photos and videos, you can attach links, maps and other kinds of files from

the apps that create them.

All you need to do is smash the share button and select ‘Add to Note’ in the share


In the end, drop the attachment to your preferred note.

Adding attachments in iPad is even more simple.

Dock the Notes app next to Safari or any other app and simply drag and drop links, photos,

or text from one app to Notes app.

If you want to see attachments you've added to your notes.

What you have to do is - From the Notes list, tap the four squares icon in the bottom left.

And Notes app will display all attachments by photo and video, links, maps, etc.

Tap on the attachment you want to view.

If you want to see the note that it is attached too, tap Show in Note in the top right corner.

Keyboard is handy while you are typing but it fills the large bottom area of the screen.

It would be better if we can hide keyboard when we are just reading the items.

And luckily you can.

On your iPhone, slide your finger down from above the keyboard and it will start to disappear.

Hiding keyboard is even more simple on iPad, just tap once on the lower right keyboard

button and keyboard will disappear.

And just tap once anywhere on the screen when you want to bring it back.

If you've got a lot of notes, you can organize them into neat categories.

To create folder, just hit the ‘New Folder’ from the bottom right corner.

Give the folder a name and tap Save to create the folder.

To move a note to a new folder, go to the notes list.

Hit edit from top right corner

Select the notes and Hit the ‘Move To…’ button from bottom left and select the folder

that you created.

Last but not the least is protecting your notes.

It is actually the most important one.

If you don’t want anyone to bump into your private note, you can lock it out.

And It’s damn simple to do.

Just launch Settings App

Scroll down and select Notes

Then select Password

Enter your password, verify it and also enter a hint for the password.

In the end, tap on Done to confirm.

Now onwards, you have to use your Face or Touch ID or password to unlock the note.

That’s all guys!

I hope you liked exploring tips for Notes App along with me.

And let us know the wildcards that are worth adding to the list in the comments down below..

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I’m Dhvanesh signing off and will catch you in the next one.