Adults React To I Texted My Number Neighbors And THIS Happened

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- Imagine being MrBeast's number neighbor.

- I'm gonna say, "Hi."

Is that what it is, number neighbor?

♪ (industrial intro) ♪

- "Hey phone num--" I know what this is.

Your phone neighbor.

- "Hey, phone number neighbor." "Oh hey!

What an honor to finally meet." "How are you today?"

"Just peachy. How about you, my friend?"

- "I'm great. I saw so many people texting

their phone number neighbors on Twitter, so I decided

to give it a shot, too." "I was literally going to say

this is the most Twitter [bleep] I've ever experienced, lol."

- "I'm glad you were friendly about it.

Some people are really mean."

- "What kind of neighbor of neighbor would I be

if I were mean? Life is too short to be mean

to your neighbor." Aw, that's a great one.

- Aw, that's so sweet. I have no idea

what just happened. I recently saw hashtag

#numberneighbor on my Twitter feed,