Nomenclature of Polycyclic Compounds: Naphthalene, Biphenyl, Anthracene, Spiro, Bicyclo

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hey guys I wanted to go over some more nomenclature stuff with you specifically

dealing with some of these polycyclic structures that you might see since we

actually never really talked about how to name those and instead of drawing

them on the board I wanted to use chem doodle because there are some

interesting features that allow you to sort of explore the nomenclature rules

as you go. I'll show you what I mean first let's just do a quick review just

to kind of get on the same page and do this simple alkane so just to remember

how we name these guys we've got to find the longest carbon chain so that is

going to be 1 2 3 4 5 6 we've got to have 6 carbons right, that's gonna be a

hexane so we can't look at this and go alright we got 5 and then an isopropyl

that's actually not gonna work so we do want to make sure we have this longest

chain and then we have to number from starting from the side that will give

the substituents occurring soonest so we want to start here this has got to be

number 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then we've got methyls on 2 & 3 so just to make sure

that we're right let's go ahead and add that name ok so we've got 2 3 dimethyl

hexane like we said so here's 1 and then 2 as a methyl 3 has a methyl 4 5 6

that's correct just to show you a feature here this is

fun you can you can alter it as you go so how many carbons do we have to attach

here to make this side to side this is this left to right chain the longest

chain well okay so what have we done here now it's still it's still this

right it's still 1 to ethyl sorry on the methyl