Page Numbers Starting at a Specific Page in Word 2010

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okay I'm going to show you how you can

add page numbers to a Word document

starting at a specific page so I have an

example of the end result here where I

have a title page with no numbers I have

a table of contents with no numbering

and then with my introduction there is a

page number of one and the next page is

2 3 and so on so what you need to do for

this is scroll down to that page that

you want the numbering to start on and

you're just going to click rate at the

very beginning of the page then go to

the page Layout tab and then over to

breaks and then down to the next page

so what that actually did was if you go

to the Home tab and then this paragraph

marks icon and click on that if you

scroll up a bit you'll see that there's

a section break so basically what we've

done is separated the word document into

two separate sections that we can kind

of format differently so I'm just going

to uncheck that now so the next step is

to go to the insert tab and then go over

to page number and I'm going to put mine

at the bottom of the page and right in

the center so now you can see it starts

at 3 but I wanted to start at 1 so what

I'm going to do is go over to here go to

page number format page numbers and

start at 1 and click OK

so the next step is to uncheck or unlink

the page that you're on and the page

before it so just click this link to

previous just click it once and you'll

see that it Sun highlighted now so now

you can scroll up and this is my table

of contents page and I don't want any

numbering on here so at the very bottom

of the footer I'm just going to

highlight this too and hit the lead on

my keyboard so now you'll see that

there's no numbering on the table of

contents and there's also no numbering

on any of the pages that came before it

alright so that's it you can go to the

print preview to see it in action and

title page no numbering say with the

table of contents the introduction now

is a page number of 1 the next page is 2

so everything works perfectly that's it

thanks for watching