How to number measures

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I abandon Quercus this is mr. wrong he

was miss grooving on her birthday we're

gonna make our first video together and

the point is to show you kids at home

how to appropriately number your

measures in band in choir class I'm

gonna demonstrate a student who is new

and numbering their measures and let's

see if you can remember from choir and

band class some of the common mistakes

I'm making measure one two three four


next line measure six seven eight nine

ten eleven twelve and we'll stop here

for our purposes today so how many

mistakes did you catch if you caught

three mistakes you are correct

mistake number one miss Grubin used a

pen that's a big big no-no because if

you make a mistake you can't erase it

and then you have to use whiteout it's

very complicated the second mistake she

failed to count her measures of rest and

she put one starting actually in measure

six so the right way you need to count

the five measures of rests and the first

measure that the flutes play on will be

measure six so now that I'm starting in

measure six I'll keep going

and now it makes sense when we use our

box numbers most kids some kids ignore

their box numbers this makes sense now

if this is measure 13 the previous

measure is 12 and the next measure will

be 14 so use those box numbers as

checkpoints to know if you're on the

right track or not thank you all so much

for watching our video on how to number

your measures

remember that numbering our measures is

important so that in rehearsal we can

quickly move together and communicate

well between the conductor and the