How to add, append, insert, delete, or remove measures in musescore

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well welcome back and today we're going

to see how to create or insert or append

or delete major or number of measures so

I went here and I'm trying to create a

new file I just say try it okay

and then I can't run either from new

school from a template I'm creating from

a new score so I said next

and I say suppose I want to take root

iron like the next common time

the signature is common tag at the C

major I say next time signature common

time I just reduce it to date

I just want eight majors so that can be

sent steady nicely and there is a finish

so this is what I have got but I want

only four majors on each line so what I

do I go here break every X measures it

is by default for so I see okay and

there I have two lines now eight majors

I want to append major in that case what

I will do I will click here select this

major go here create majors and then say

append major or more than that one I'll

say up and millions I just clear how

many I want suppose because yes I want

to append only one video I say okay and

that's how I got one major here now

suppose I want to insert one major in

between so I'll just click it here

suppose I want to insert a major here

how would I have identified this major I

just press less some nodes here say

populate this lot okay so this is our

major I want to insert a little before

this so I'll select this major and say

create majors in certain major single if

it is more than one I'll say insert

majors so insert a job and see one extra

this is the extra inserted major I've

got you okay now I if I don't want to

use these tools I can use keywords now I

will just first undo this before I

append now suppose I want to append here

so what I will do

after selecting this major the other way

using the keyboard is press control B

control B and C I got one extra hundred

meter here so I want to insert in that

case what I do or insert here suppose

something I can identify this major I'll

put some words so that we can find it

and I want to append a major before this

so I'll press I press the insert button

that is all the keyboard and when I

press it I get extra a here

this is inserted at the do that you can

may insert number of meters use use the

same command

now what about deleting suppose this is

major I want to delete this major I want

to delete in Turkish I can say control

did it from the keyboard not personal

control did it so that's how we have

seen how to append insert or control

measures in the scroll thank you