Paragraph and Line Spacing in Pages (#1574)

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So let's talk about line spacing and paragraphs spacing in Pages.

I see this a lot when people are using word processors.

They want to have some division between their paragraphs.

So they put a blank line between the paragraphs.

For instance the paragraphs would really be like that but they just add the extra line


So every paragraph here has an extra line.

But that's not the best way to do it.

Let me show you the best way.

Say I have no extra lines between any of these paragraphs.

I'm going to select them all and go to Format.

Under Format I can go under Spacing here and there's Before Paragraph and After Paragraph.

So I can add a certain number of points.

Let's say 10 points between the paragraphs.

You can see it looks similar but there's no extra line here.

I'm here at the end of this sentence.

I forward arrow once and I'm at the beginning of the next one.

If I add a new paragraph I didn't have to add an extra line there.

Best of all I have complete control over the spacing.

I can select All again and I can decide I want a little more spacing or I want a little

less spacing.