How to Add Line Numbers in Google Docs

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currently Google Docs does not have

inbuilt line numbering functionality so

in order to get it you have to use a

Chrome extension so make sure you're in

the Chrome browser and go to this link

which I will put in the description

below and then add the extension to

Chrome click here add to Chrome add

extension and the extension gets loaded

and as you see it's just loaded my page

here and it's added the numbers now if

you want to turn off the numbers click

the extension and disable there's the

numbers gone and I'll just put the

numbers back now if I add more more

lines as you can see

it updates the numbers

the downside of this extension is it

appears to turn on line numbering for

all your documents are for none you

cannot turn line numbering on just for

one document so just users when you need

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