Microsoft Word - Adding Line Numbers

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okay let's take a moment to talk about

line numbering so here I have a basic

document it's five pages I haven't put a

section break here at page three so keep

that in mind I've used the next page

section break something to show it to

you there it is to force the information

onto the next page and of course create

a new section so we have two sections

which will affect our line numbering

options let's go through all the

different line numbering options that we

have in Word so first of all how you

would add line numbering to your

document is you go to the page Layout

tab along the ribbon and click the line

numbers button and let's start first

with continuous so if I choose

continuous it's now numbered each line

going down and if I scroll down through

the document there's the end of section

the first section so that's 99 it

automatically does not start numbering

the next section if I wanted to do that

I could have highlighted the whole

document at the start or I just need to

click into this next section and then

choose an option that I want to use so

if I pick continuous here you see it's

continue from the previous section here

and done my done my line number now

other options that we can set first of

all is if I wanted to individually

number lines per page that can't be done

and what you all you need to do is click

the line number button and choose

restart on each page now obviously page

one has a renumber but if I go to page

two you can see it's renumber the lines

there page three it's also renumber the

lines let's go look at the next page so

on the next page remember that's the

start of a next section it is still

continuing from the previous section so

always keep that in mind

so when you're setting your line

numbering options you're going to be

setting it individually per section

unless of course you do highlight the

document ahead of time let's talk about

some other options so back on the first

page here it's going to set this back to

continuous for a minute

okay so when I'm back on continuous

let's say I wanted to number every other

line so not every single line but every

other line well if you click the line

numbers button you don't have the option

there but I do have an option here this

is line numbering options if I pull this

up it pops up basically my page setup

dialog box you can see it there and then

on the Layout tab I have a line numbers

button if you click the line numbers

button you can choose some attributes so

number one you can choose what number

you want to start at I'm going to leave

that at one for now from text is the

distance that the number will be from

the text so Auto is an automatic setting

it goes up quarter inch you can also

change that to whatever you want

and then you have count by so let's say

I wanted to change that to count by two

you also have the options here we saw

previously to restart on each page or

restart each section or continuous which

is what I have it set to so I'm going to

click OK

okay one more time and you can see that

it now numbers only every second line I

can change that to every third line

fourth line whatever options you would

want and that again is going to be set

per section remember that because you

see as soon as I get down to my next

section on page four here it's still

remembering my previous settings one

last setting to leave you with let's say

that this paragraph here was indented a

bit let's say it was some sort of a

quote piece of text whatever column

you'd want and you actually don't want

to number the lines there I don't want

to see the line numbers next to this

well you can change that setting too you

simply click into the paragraph click

the line numbers button and say suppress

for current paragraph keeping in mind

you would need to be selected in that

paragraph or your cursor needs to be

placed in that paragraph and it will

turn off the line number as you can see

here it does not just suppress the

numbers so well it's not counting these

lines anymore what I mean so we have

eight here I go down to the next one of

those nine so it's not counting this and

then just continuing on when you've

activated them it simply suppresses it

from that line numbering option