Using "The Number" And "A Number" As Sentence Subjects

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hello students welcome to this class in

today's video I will be teaching you how

to choose a correct verb or how to

choose a singular or plural verb when

you have the number and/or

a number as subjects as you can see I

wrote a note here for you the number is

a singular subject and a number is

plural as a subject because the

expressive singularity alright I have

four examples your written for you on

the board and the first one says the

number of people enlisting for the Army

is growing as you can as I told you

before the expressive singularity so the

number is singular therefore we used a

singular verb the number of people in

let's think for the army is growing the

next one says the same thing but with a

number not the number okay

a number of people are enlisting for the

army well it doesn't say that it is

growing but it says a number of people

are enlisting for the army when you have

a number as a subject you must use a

plural noun when you have the number as

a subject you must use a singular now

all right next one the number of jokes

you have played is intolerable the

number the expressive singularity so

even though you are talking about jokes

that is not the subject the subject

would be the number okay it's

intolerable if you said the jokes you

have played then you would say are

intolerable but jokes here is working as

a part of the prepositional phrase the

number of jokes you have played is

intolerable and the last one says a

number of pets

been adopted a number of pets a number

so we need a plural noun we are talking

about many of pets have been adopted

okay so we used have we are not using

our you could say our adopted every

month but we used have been we cannot

say a number of pets has been okay so

this here tells you that we are using a

plural noun if we use TAS then we would

say the number of pets has been okay but

in this case half next I will give you

some more practice sentences and

examples so that you can keep practicing

with me now you are going to help me

fill in the blanks with the correct form

of the verb V the first one says a

number of students blank having better

opportunities a number then you look at

the note plural okay so we need a plural

verb the plural form of the verb is are

having better opportunities the second

one says the number of people here blank

unbelievable B okay

what is a singular form of B because we

need the singular verb due to the fact

that we are using the number singular a

number plural okay is right okay so this

is how you choose a verb or the plural

or singular form of a verb when you have

the number and or a number as subjects

remember write this note down when you

use these two s subjects the number will

have a singular verb and will be

considered singular and a number will

always have plural verbs and will always

be considered plural as subjects okay

next I will leave you some homework

because remember that you need to

practice in order to improve your

English not only through watching these

videos will you learn you will also need

to practice on your own for homework

this is a very very simple homework you

are just going to write four sentences

using a number and the number as

subjects you remember that a sentence

must have a subject a verb and an object

so remember that every time you use a

number as the subject you will use a

plural verb and every time you use the

number as a subject you will always use

a singular verb alright remember to

leave your homework in the comment

section below this video along with any

common suggestion or question that you

may have and if you have a workbook just

do it there too okay

thank you so much for watching and I

will see you in the next video would you

like to watch my next video click on the

television to the right when you have

subjects that are connected by an