Word 2016 Heading Numbering

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hi Michelle sites here you're watching

heading numbering here's the scenario

you have a document in which you would

like to add some numbered headings such

as 11.1 etc watch this video to learn

how to do this automatically numbered

headings have many uses you can cross

reference to them using the

cross-reference button and if you find

you have to move a paragraph to a

different section of your document it

will automatically renumber the headings

when you update your document if you

take the time to do some prep work you

can also save this as a template for

future use so that you will not have to

perform these steps over and over I can

show you how later in the video for now

let me show you how I have been

successful creating numbered headings on

the Home tab in the paragraph group

click the down arrow for multi-level

list at the bottom of the list you want

to define new list style the defined new

list style dialog box is displayed the

first thing you want to do is name your


after you name your style click the

format button at the bottom of the

dialog box now I'll click on numbering

you're presented with a modify

multi-level list dialog box the first

thing you want to do when presented with

this dialog box is click the button more

this will extend the dialog box and

present more fields as you can see there

are nine different levels we're going to

start with level 1 we're going to define

and format the characteristics of level

1 the first thing we want to do is go

over to this field link level 2 style

click the down arrow and scroll down to

heading 1 you don't want to skip this

step because it's very important that

you link level 1 to heading 1 next we

want to format some of the

characteristics of this

number this number one is currently a

field code and you don't want to delete

it this field right here is the number

style for this level if you click the

down arrow it can give you other choices

you don't have to start with the number

some of the other choices are Roman

numerals or letters but there are many

more we're gonna start with the numbers

in this box here click the 5 button

you're presented with the font dialog

box in here you can change the font type

the font style the font size and many

other characteristics

I want Times New Roman so in this field

I'm going to type the letter T which

will bring up the styles that begin with

the letter T I'll click on Times New

Roman I also want it bold and I want

this level to be size 14 I'm going to

click OK the position fields should be

set to your specifications I will show

you what my preferences are I like all

my headings aligned left at 0 and I

always want my text indented so for

level 1 I'm going to indent my text at

0.25 and following the number it will

add it to have

you can click on this button if you want

all of the levels set to the same

position so for instance the number at

this level is set at zero and the text

position will be at 0.25 and for each

additional level it will add 0.25 since

that is not my preference I'm gonna

click cancel and I'm gonna set each

level individually I don't need to

adjust most of these other fields so I'm

gonna leave them as the default settings

now we're going to set level two when I

click on level two all the fields will

reset so level two I want linked to

heading two since I want all of mine

aligned on the left margin I'm gonna

change this to zero the text will indent

at point five however in the font dialog

box we're gonna change it to Times New

Roman I still want it bold but this time

I want 12-point and say okay now let's

go to level three we're gonna link it to

heading 3 I want my font to be Times New

Roman again and bold and I'm gonna leave

it at the 12-point and say okay my text

indented at 0.75 is fine and then we'll

go to level 4 and repeat all these steps

we're gonna do this for each level down

to 9 you can do it for however many

levels of heading numbering you want now

after I have set all my formatting for

my numbers I click OK now we want to

open up the Styles dialog box so on the

Home tab

in the Styles group click the arrow in

the lower right corner now as you can

see we only have a few styles in this

style dialog box so we need to add some

headings and we also want to modify

these heading styles so first let's add

the rest of the headings

so in order to do this click this box

here manage styles the manage Styles

dialog box is displayed click on

recommend tab now as you can see

headings 2 through 9 say hide until used

so we want to click each one and we want

to show these styles in our Styles box

so hold your Shift key down and click

each one now hit the show button and

click OK now you can see all the heading

styles are displayed in the Styles

dialog box so our first line is a

heading 1 our heading 1 style is

surrounded by a box this tells me that

the heading 1 style is applied to this

line I want to modify this style click

on this arrow and select modify to add

the characteristics to the text of your

headings I like to keep the size of my

text to be the same as the size of the

numbering so for me I will make heading

1 14-point and 4 heading 2 through 9

I'll keep the text the same size as the

numbering here's a hint to adjust the

spacing between your heading numbering

and the text first you have to have the

rule or displayed go to the View tab and

in the show group click on ruler since I

want the text to align evenly next to

the number I'll click on the line I want

to adjust and on the ruler click on it

and a tab will appear and your text will

align at that point now to keep the

alignment for all the future headings in

this case heading to right click on the

heading in the style gallery and at the

top of the list to click on update

heading to match selection do this for

each heading you want to adjust if you

don't see your style in the style

gallery open the style dialog box click

the down arrow and the selection will be

there as well

as I mentioned before if you're going to

use this type of formatting over and

over again you might want to save it as

a template one option you can use is

this go to file export change file type

click on template and save your template

to an appropriate folder for now click

the back arrow and we're back to our

document and that is the end of this


heading numbering