Word 2010: Headers & Page Numbers

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Headers and footers can display things like the page number, date, or company name in

the top and bottom margins of your document. Not only do they make those things easier

to reference - they also add a nice, professional touch.

To insert a header, footer, or just page numbering, start by going to Insert, then the Header

& Footer group. I'd like to show you how Headers work. You can choose one of the blank options

at the top, or scroll down for something with a little more style.

Notice the Design tab appears along with the header. For now, I'm just going to go ahead

and type my information into these boxes, which are called Content Controls. Most of

the built-in headers and footers have them, for things like the name of your company or,

in this case, the document title.

Now I don't really need this next field (the one for the author's name), so I'm going to

remove it all together. Just right-click, Remove Content Control, and it's taken care


When you're done, you can close the header or footer by clicking here. To edit it again,

you'll need to unlock that part of your document by double-clicking it like this. I forgot

that I wanted to include the date, maybe right here where the other Content Control used

to be. Just click Date & Time, then choose how you want the date to appear. It'll stay

at today's date, even if you edit the document again next week, unless you check the box

to update it automatically.

Let's take a look at page numbers next. The header I chose doesn't have them, but they're

really easy to add. First, I need to place my cursor exactly where I want the numbering

to go. Now we can go to Page Number to look over the different options.

Top of Page and Bottom of Page are tricky. They will add numbering to your document,

but in the place of your header or footer. Sometimes that's what you want, but right

now, I'm just trying to add numbering to the header I have. That's what Page Margins and

Current Position are for. Current Position will put it right where my cursor is, and...

that looks great - that's exactly where I wanted it.

You can even format the page number by going back to Page Number, Format, and choosing

a style from the list. There are numbers, letters, and Roman numerals.

Here's another trick, if you have a cover page like I do, and you don't want any headers,

footers, or numbers to appear on it. You can click Different First Page, and the header

will disappear from the first page, but start back up on the second.

There are still lots of other options, ranging from pictures to position. So take some time

to explore the Design tab, try different things, and learn about all the options associated

with headers, footers, and numbering.