Inserting MLA header & page number in Google Docs

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MLA wants to see two things up at the

top right corner of every page that you

have for an MLA document so in order to

insert those two elements the easiest

way inside Google Docs is to use the

insert feature so if you go up here to

the insert option and click on it you

should see the option for header so

we'll start there so that automatically

moves your cursor up into the top part

of the page that you can't normally type

into you move over to the right justify

or write a line and type your last name

and then you hit a spacebar now if you

type your number here it's going to show

up the same number on every page and we

don't want that so an easier way to do

it is to go back to the insert option go

insert and then page number and then top

of page and then as we scroll down you

should be able to see that on the next