How To Add Headers and Footers in Apple’s Pages

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hey guys welcome back to another

techguru video today I have a video that

is requested by a bunch of different

people over the past few months how do

you add or remove headers and footers

within Apple's pages if you don't know

what Apple's Pages is it's just like

Microsoft Word but for Apple so you can

export to Microsoft Word files but

anyways I'm not gonna get into that I'm

gonna show you how to add or remove

header or footer so the first thing you

need to do is once you open up Pages

you're gonna see this little gear icon

in the upper right hand corner if you

click on that you will see something

here that shows the document settings

with the margins and then you'll see

something that says section and this is

gonna be where your header and footer

stuff is going to be so that's that's

going to be where all of that is there

now this is the newest version of pages

yours may look different it may say

something like inspector click on

inspector and then go over here and look

for a document and then you'll be able

to see where the header and footer goes

so the first thing you want to do is

here go to insert and then you can look

down here where it says like a page

number page count or whatever it may be

you can do that by clicking insert there

so I'm gonna show you something though

if if we go up here and click on the top

end of the page there you'll see it says

editing header for pages 1 & 2 editing

header you can just click there and it

shows you exactly where the header is

going to go footer as well but if we

view this differently like if we go to

view and then we go to like page

thumbnails or something like that you

can also view the header and footer

options there so I'm gonna go ahead and

view it and normally once again so I'm

gonna go ahead and go to hide the page

thumbnails and then go back up here to

the header or footer now one thing that

you may run into is let's say you have a

title of your essay here and then you

want your page number here you can click

in that box and then go to insert page

number down below that will

automatically insert the page number see

here on page two automatically sets it

up as page two that's very very easily

done by going to insert page number page

count date and time so I can even click

on the middle section here go to insert

and then go to date and time

and then adds the date and time on all

of my pages now what if I need a

different title on my first page than I

do on my second third fourth and so on

you can do that by going over here to

the setup option where the gear icon is

once again go to section and then go

right here and you'll see a few

different options you'll see hide on

first page so we can do it where it

hides it on the first page there or we

can click that box there and that will

say that it does not match previous

sections so if there's something down

here you want to be different just

deselect the match previous sections and

that's very easily if you want to change

the way the numbers are formatted you

can go here and change it to like Roman

numerals you can change it to a BC

change it to lowercase whatever suits

your fancy but that's basically how

you're going to edit to remove add

footers and headers within apples pages

if you have any questions put those in

the comment box below I'm always here to

help let me know I'll get back with you

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