Google Docs: Headers and Footers

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headers and footers can display things

like the page number date or company

name in the top and bottom margins of

your document not only do they make that

information easier to reference they

also add a nice professional touch to

insert a header footer or page numbering

start by going to insert then select

header and page number I'd like to show

you how headers work first your cursor

appears in a special area set off from

the rest of the document here you can

add your information in this example

we're going to include the name of the

organization and the title of the

document we're also going to add some

formatting to the header using familiar

options like font color and size these

are the same commands you use to format

regular text so they're very easy to use

when you're done press the Escape key on

your keyboard or click anywhere else in

the document this will disable editing

the header or footer so you can continue

working to re-enable editing click the

header again now I forgot that I wanted

to add page numbers to my header if you

want the word page to be included go

ahead and type that now now go to insert

her over header and page number then

select page number you'll see four

options for the page number placement

you can choose the top of the page or

the bottom of the page you can also have

the page numbers start after a cover

page in this example I want the page

numbers to be at the top of the page you

can also add the page count to your

header or footer which will display the

total number of pages in your document

all you have to do is type the word of

after the page number then go back to

insert and this time choose page count

from the menu

and there we go let's scroll down so you

can see how it works of course this is

page 1 and here we have page 2 out of 3

pages total there I think I'm finished

with my newsletter now you know how to

enhance your document using headers

footers and page numbers

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