Guitar String Names

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okay so in today's lesson we're just

going to talk about each strings note

name and number with guitar we're

counting the strings if we're going to

go from this low E here we're actually

going to count from 6 to 1 from biggest

to smaller so it's going to go 6 5 4 3 2

1 and the wind of the 1st string over

here so working our way down from 6 to 1

and each one of those strings has a name

so the 6th string is called the low E

and we've got an A

and we've got a date

and we have aji

then we have a babe and we've got a


one quick little trick that I used to

remember the string names to go from the

sixth to the first string is eat a darn

good breakfast early that's a nice

simple one for you guys anyway I'll

catch it soon