How to group data in Excel into buckets or groupings

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hello my name is Gareth Thomas and I'm

going to show you something that I find

really useful when I'm looking at data

and I'm trying to analyze it and group

it for people when they need the data

grouped into nice buckets you can use it

for bucketing and analysis and stuff

like that so just going to create some

sample data here so let's just call it

on days elapsed and this could be part

of a data range part of a table which

has got formulas calculated to give you

a number of days difference and I'm just

going to create some some random data

between one and two hundred days say

okay so there's my day so I'm just going

to hard-code that my copy and paste as

values and what I'm trying to do is I'm

trying to group that into certain

buckets so I'll have my group table and

let's say it's from 1 to 1 1 to 20 21 to