Excel - Grouping (columns and rows)

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hi guys in this video we're going to

talk about grouping columns and rows in

Microsoft Excel this in my opinion is

very useful when you have a very large

spreadsheet that you want to see in more

concise and organized manner you can

actually highlight a group of columns

and go over to data the data ribbon and

over here under the outline group you

have some options and we're gonna work

on here is the group option now let's

say that this table over here and this

table over here are related to each

other but I really don't want to see

this table on the right because it is

kind of necessary but kind of makes my

spreadsheet not look so nice okay or

organized for whatever reason there are

many reasons will come up you'll see so

the way I could get make this go away

without actually hiding it which is

another option and I've made a video

about hiding is to actually group these

columns I to K so you can highlight I J

and K from the top go over to data

ribbon group and click group and what

this does is it introduces both this

toggle over here as well as these

options over here on the left

okay and we're gonna play with these to

see what this does well when you hit -

here I J and K completely disappear as

you can see there hit there in between

this H in this L but they're always

there for you to quickly access okay so

it's just a purely aesthetic tool okay

so you can plus it to see it - it to

make it go away

another way is on the left you also have

these options these are the different

states so state one is the hidden state

state two is the unhidden state okay so

you can play with that so it does the

same thing okay now another thing is you

can add another level of grouping within

this group I can group J and K there are

you know there are times where you might

want to do this as well so let's group J

and K so now I've added a third state as

you can see here number three now let's

play with these toggles if I hit

subtract here look I J and K all

disappear of course they're between H

and L if I hit plus they all come back

but also what I can do is I can click

state 1 which is all hidden state 2

which is J and K are just hidden and

state 3 which is they're all showing

okay so one is all hidden two is j k is

just hitting three is they're all

showing alright so there's different

layers of control and you may you'll be

surprised that how helpful this is when

you have a large spreadsheet that you

don't need to see the entire contents

but you want them to be quickly there

and everyone that uses your spreadsheet

to know that they're there

okay you can also do this with rose so I

can highlight from row 11 on all the way

on to the end

and I can go over to the data ribbon

group and I can group the entire section

of the of my table I can see - and look

I got a very tidy table I can subtract

that and look very clean and I can also

open things up very easily using the

toggles over here for the columns and

over here for the rows now the last

thing is I want to show you how to get

rid of the grouping if you don't want it


well you can hide what the best way to

do it is to open the entire whatever is

grouped up so make sure it's visible so

make I J and K visible highlight ijk go

to ungroup right next to group and just

click ungroup and it ungroup that and

remember we added two layers of group to

I J and K we have to also ungrammatical

to ungroup and ungroup that but if let's

say we wanted to ungroup everything that

was in this column this area and because

we inherited this from somebody else and

we just don't we want to get rid of the

groups and we want to start from scratch

okay and we don't want to go through and

remember how we group this to ungroup it

we can just go to ungroup clear outline

and it will ungroup everything on the

worksheet okay so that's a quick way if

you want to ungroup the entire grouping

groupings that you've done on the sheet

okay so I hope grouping was helpful I do

use it every now and then it's a useful

tool hiding columns and rows is also

sometimes very useful and a similar tool

so make sure to watch the video on


columns rows and even worksheets can be

can be hidden and unhidden of course

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have a great day