Creating Bar Charts and Line Graphs In Mac Numbers

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Hi, this is Gary with

Today let's take a look at the basics of creating Bar Charts and Line Graphs in Mac Numbers.

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So Mac Numbers makes it really easy to create simple charts and graphs using the values

in your tables.

The first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that your data is in order.

Here I created a simple table.

It's just a sales chart.

I've got in each row a different product.

I have a Header column here with the product name.

Then each column is a different store.

So an East store and a West store and then a value.

So the number of oranges sold in the East store is 40.

So note I've got labels in the Headers here.

So these are all just labels and these are labels and that's what you want.

You want the values in the regular cells.

To create a chart you can start off by selecting the values you want to represent in the chart.

So if I wanted to represent the East store I could go and select the first value here,