How to insert Figure and Table references in Word documents

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I'd like to show you a procedure in word

it involves the insertion of figures

under the graphics very often we have

documents including graphics and you

might want to identify those graphics

with identifiers such as figure 1 figure

2 etc so I'll show you how how this is


first of all I've got a little heading

here some plane spotting us in the

airport I only need to have a couple of

graphics here one's the Thai Airlines

craft the other is the good old Qantas

jumbo jet but what what I'll do is to

click at the right bottom corner of the

graphic and press the Enter key and then

in the references tab I say insert

caption now up pops the caption window

it defaults to Table one I don't want a

table caption I want a figure caption

and I want my numbering to be one two

three in this case I could have chosen a

B C etc etc but I'm happy with one two


so I'll click OK and when I click OK


there I see Figure 1 now I'll do the

same with that with the Virgin with the

Qantas aircraft references tab insert a

caption word knows that figure 1 has

already been user takes me to the next

figure in the sequence with the with the

caption I can if I want include more

information so I might say Cuates jumbo

and when I click OK there I see that

information now I'll show you also how

on this page and you would probably want

to do this on a on a blank page perhaps

near the end of the document so that we

will create as it were an index for the

figures and to do that I again click the

references tab but I choose in the

captions group insert table of figures

now the caption label I need to be

careful here that I've chosen figure

because it will default in many cases to

label so you just need to make sure that

you have figure and then to simply click

OK and there are your references to the

graphics in your document now the beauty

about that is if you hold down the

control key and just imagine that you've

inserted this on on another page if you

hold down the control key and click it

will take you directly to the particular

figure that you were referring to in

this virtual index so that's how it's

done nothing too difficult about it I'd

also like to show you on this page I'm

just going to insert a table a very

simple table we're not not even going to

put any data into it but what I'm going

to do here is to say in the references

tab insert caption

this time is not a figure but it's a

table and I'll choose the numbering

system again 1 2 3 I'm happy with that

click ok ok again and there we see table

1 and the procedure for inserting a

table of figures would be exactly the

same as I did for the foot for the

graphics for the figures so I'll say

insert table of figures but this time

the caption label will be for tables so

I will choose ok and there it refers to

that particular table you could of

course have a number of tables and a

document by holding down the control key

and clicking on table 1 it takes me

directly to that particular area in the


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