Google Slides adding page numbers

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Google training today I'm gonna show you

how you can automatically number your

slides and you don't have to the number

them one to the end you can pick slides

in between as well

this will help presenters keep track of

where they are in the presentation and I

just happen to have a Google 0 inbox

presentation coming up so it was very

timely release-- let's get started so

all we need to do is go to insert slide

numbers I want them on let's see how

that happens so I have a one here in the

corner but notice 2 3 etc so let's go by

and back and try some other options so

this time I've selected these three

slides insert slide numbers I apply to

all and you can see they all get

selected or if I go back I can insert

slide numbers apply to the selected and

then I have two three four or I can go

back and I can insert slide numbers skip

title slides and apply to selected so

now the title slide isn't selected but

two three four are let me know if you

have questions it's a new tool I'm still

playing with it also next time